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Application Process & Interviews at Linfox

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Please describe the interview process and assessments.
CV/Cover letter screening, group interview, one-to-one interview, phone interview, medical/background checks
4 different interviews and site visits make it quite a stringent process.
As I'm employed in the graduate program, the process was more extensive than typical entry level. I had a written application with extended questions on my expectations and experiences. There was then a group interview where I found out more about the role and participated in group activities. After that was a site tour (random) and interview by a site manager, then an interview by a state manager, followed by interview with a business unit president.
First interview was a group interview, with myself and about 18 other people. The second interview was a site visit with an operations manager and current graduate. Third interview was with a Senior Leader and it was behavioural. Final interview was with a President. Overall, from application to offer, it took about 6 months. It was long and arduous. Weeks would go by where we wouldn't hear from anyone regarding the outcome of an interview.
1. CVs are reviewed 2. Phone interview takes place to short list 3. Face to face interviews conducted from successful phone interviews 4. Standard questions asked from HR (regarding safety, past experience and innovation) 5. Custom questions asked by management 6. Questions asked by candidate 7. Debrief between management on candidate after interview
For the grad program: Apply for the role (CV and cover letter), followed by phone interview, then site tour (no interview), first formal interview, final process phone interview with someone from Executive Team.
Involved group interview, site visit, management interview and senior management interview.
1. Submit CV and respond to online questionnaire 2. Group Interview 3. Site visit interview 4. Behavioural interview 5. Interview with a President from one of the 5 business units Further interview process to apply for remote location: A. Respond to 5 questions via e-mail B. Phone Interview with contract manager
CV + cover letter - Group interview - solo interview - Telephone interview with the head of a major BU - job
Online application, group interview/assessment, site tour and several middle management interviews, SLT interview, division president interview.
It was a long recruitment process, with CV analysis, phone and face-to-face interviews and group and individual activities. Currently, most companies adopt this recruitment structure.
Very lengthy and involved all different parties or the organisation. I thought it was a valuable interview process as it made me more determined to get the job at each progressive step. Assessments were well structured and based on previous life and work experiences
Very substantial process, application, interviewing, behavioural assessment and final SLT interview.
It was long, had multiple interviews and assessments ranging from group interview to phone hook-ups to one on one interview.
What questions were you asked in your interviews?
Why I wanted to work for this industry, this company, what I could bring to the advantage of the company
My past experience including work, social and volunteering and my interest outside of work.
Study background and how it relates to the position, expectations, kind of roles I'd be interested in.
I can't really remember. The group interview was all case studies and presentations, it was good. The others were just general chat, asking about me, and I asked questions about them and their experience.
- Questions regarding my background (educational & upbringing) - Questions regarding my goals and ambitions - Questions regarding my innovation
Situational questions (leadership, standing up for something you thought was right, safety related, making difficult decisions)
Why do you want to join this company? What do you see yourself doing within the business? What business department would you like to work in? How do you feel you could add value to the business?
Around topics such as transport, safety, experience, knowledge of the industry.
Cannot remember - scenario type questions based on company values asked in behavioural interview e.g. "Describe a time when you've stood up for someone".
Mostly general questions to gauge my personality to see how I would work in a team and some situational questions
Questions about working with difficult people, enforcing a safety culture and showing analytical abilities to solve problems.
current work experience, membership of professional associations, academic performance, future goals
My previous experiences, qualities, areas for improvement, about myself, career plans in the short and long term.
How have you handled difficult situations at work previously? How have you displayed leadership skills in your previous workplaces? What would you do in a specific situation? Why do you want to work at this organisation? Do you want to be challenged?
Do you have any specific tips and advice for candidates applying to your company? How would you recommend they best prepare?
The same as any other company - do your homework on the business, and be genuine. Don't give phony answers when asked why you want to work here.
Be yourself, learn your resume thoroughly and show your passion for logistics.
Yes, just be yourself. Be modest, but know your strengths, and tailor them (even if you think they're not relevant) to how you can be a good employee. They aren't looking for a "type". Being arrogant will work against you, obviously. They said they want down to earth people, and myself and the other grads are lovely, and the most down to earth people I’ve met in a grad program.
Have safety as your number one priority. Read the Job description and provide examples of how you would / could carry out the responsibilities. Stay relaxed and try to relate to those conducting the interview as much as possible as
Have examples/experiences to back up your answers, schooling/university days, family and friends, flatting, previous work, etc.
Background research on the company is essential. Prospective candidates should have answers to the above questions and also should have real world examples of situations they have been in
Understand the business and understand that logistics involves working at odd hours.
Understand the way business operates. There is a strong safety focus and a small business support structure.
Get some experience behind you as it can be quite difficult to differentiate yourself from the others applying.
The main tip I could give is be interested, ask questions and listen.
Company research, industry research and reach out to people already working at the company.
Know why they would want to join the company and where they want to go and how they think they will achieve that through the company
Be prepared to perform individual and group activities, and to be interviewed by several managers, respect people with different culture/religion/values, work as part of a team.
Do the research and know the company and what is to come from the Graduate program.
I would definitely recommend that they want the job before they apply. Passion and a can/will do attitude is required along with good people and communication skills. Be honest.
be honest and yourself. Interviewers can tell the difference straight away between someone being disingenuous just to get the job
Understand the industry and only apply if there is a genuine interest. Approach the interview process with honesty and candour