Sustainability at Linfox

Please comment on your company's efforts in this area.

Company has its own company wide initiatives in place - Green fox, focused on reducing carbon footprint by 50%
Graduate, Greystanes
We have a program specifically for reducing carbon emissions and the company has made great steps in taking action in offices, on the roads and in the warehouses.
Graduate, Adelaide
My company have reached their 2015 Green initiative goal by a milestone, the new 2020 goals should be shared with the company within the next few months.
Graduate, Hazelmere
50% reduction on its emissions on 2008 levels, by 2015. We have achieved closed to 46% reduction
Graduate, Auckland
50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions measured from 2007.
Graduate, Sydney
New Euro standard trucks and green fox program
Graduate, Port Augusta
The company set goals to reach by a certain time in cutting down of environmental waste and gases. Offer Greenfox training for employees to learn importance of environmental waste and what they can do to help.
Graduate, Wellington
Very committed. Committed to a 50% reduction of carbon emissions by the end of 2015
Graduate, Melbourne
Introducing better recycling programs. Training truck drivers on efficient driving techniques to reduce emissions and save fuel
Graduate, Brisbane
Company actively promotes and explores ways across the business to reduced emission, from on road exhaust emission reduction to smaller office based initiatives.
Graduate, Sydney