Training & Personal Development at Linfox

Please describe the training programmes at your company and tell us what skills you've picked up.

We have a formal internal training program, which includes communication skills, finance, project management, leadership etc.
Graduate, Auckland
They expose you to industry standard training as well as lean training programs.
Graduate, Sydney
Operational skills, personal development, management training, project management skills
Graduate, Greystanes
Always been able to learn and business understands I will make some mistakes and has always helped me.
Graduate, Brisbane
As a graduate there's some set study required in leadership, customer relations, project management and other role specific training. They have a great internal online college with modules in technical to interpersonal aspects
Graduate, Adelaide
Very satisfied. I think it's awesome we have so much free internal training.
Graduate, Melbourne
Professional development (every 6months over in Melbourne), also have been put through a Lean thinking program (3 weeks in Melbourne), also health and safety courses in Auckland.
Graduate, Auckland
DG by road/rail/sea and air (sea and air are internationally recognised qualifications) Green belt six sigma training. Internal training to enable you to become a better manager.
Graduate, Sydney
I have completed a leadership skills training course. The skills that I have developed are through informal means.
Graduate, Melbourne
The training available is excellent with their own online college.
Graduate, Port Hedland
Admin skills and continued learning on how to deal with people
Graduate, Auckland
The company has put a lot of emphasis on people skills and soft skills. This has been of great benefit to me.
Graduate, Perth