Working Hours at Linfox

How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?

In the office - fairly flexible, and roughly 9-10 hours a day. At the sites: potential to be working 14+ hour days on occasion.
Graduate, Auckland
38-40 hours a week. I am able to start at the time I wish but this depends on the manager.
Graduate, Sydney
I've worked a great deal of different times, I've work 12hr days at night, now completing 8-9 hours per day on day shift. Company is fairly flexible to a degree, but not something I've really looked into
Graduate, Brisbane
My original hours were 8.30 to 5pm so a standard day, I've since switched to 7.30 to 4pm. There's flexibility where required.
Graduate, Adelaide
In my current rotation, very flexible. This may change though. I generally do 7-8 hours, and sometimes can work from home. It's great, but depends who your manager is I guess
Graduate, Melbourne
We operate 24/7 and there is not much structure to my hours. Mostly I have stretched myself to cover hours for those on leave or called in sick. There have been multiple occasions where I have worked 13+ hours and performed split shifts.
Graduate, Hazelmere
Varied each rotation 2 of the rotations I worked around 9hrs/day (Monday - Friday), my rotation in retail transport was closer to 11hrs/day and I often worked Saturdays.
Graduate, Auckland
The company is quite flexible with hours and work around things where necessary. Sometimes they can be quite long and I do miss full lunch breaks regularly
Graduate, Melbourne
fairly flexible with my work hours but I need to be here during normal business hours but I am allowed to have half days if I need to as I do a bit of overtime
Graduate, Port Augusta
I work a lot of hours as I am involved with the mining sector, however due to this they are flexible to cater for your needs.
Graduate, Port Hedland
Remote location: 0630 - 1830, sometimes overtime. City based: 0730 - 1600
Graduate, Olympic Dam