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Office & Workplace at Linfox

7.1 rating for Workplace, based on 33 reviews
Please comment on your company's office space, location and facilities. And while we're at it, please tell us a little about the dress code.
Solar power on all warehouses
NZ facilities are decent but not great. Dress code varies depending on site and role, but I haven't yet seen anyone wearing a full suit and tie to work. High visibility gear and safety shoes are required in the majority of work spaces.
Dress code depends on the site and office space can be nice in most areas but it depends on each contract.
Facilities can be reasonable depending site, dress code varies from site based on different requirements
My business is contracted to another companies site, is aging but still functional, other places I have visited are very nice. Dress code is nice business shirts and dress pants.
The office spaces I've seen have been modern and well maintained/cleaned regularly. Dress code is dependent on the site, some are business/corporate wear in the office and safety work wear in the warehouses. Some are safety work wear all over site. My site is fairly relaxed in the office, however safety boots and hi vis vest are a must.
Nice fairly new offices and mostly upgraded sites. Dress code is semi-formal (no tie required) and hold casual Friday's
They vary massively from HO (which is 10years old, still fairly modern), to isolated sites that are limited in resources/luxuries. Dress code is generally dress pants, shirts. Often work boots and hi-viz.
Changes site to site, however great in general. Business attire.
Customer supplied office. dress code: black pants and collared shirt, high vis vest, steel cap shoes
Office laptops that we have are excellent, spaces are a bit old but it is only leased. Dress code is all the same working on the BHP contract in long sleeve work tops and long work pants
Varies site to site. Operational site: uniform (long sleeve and steel cap boots) Non-Operational site: no high heels.
What is to be expected of an office; everything you require is supplied, business dress code - casual on Friday if working in office - N/A in operational areas, full PPE is non negotiable
Offices I have worked in have been very good. Dress code is operational on sites and business professional at HQ.
Very spacious. Open friendly environment.
A little outdated but they serve their purpose effectively.
Varies from site to site - some are modern and very well designed, some are older and very basic