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Lockheed Martin

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Application Process & Interviews at Lockheed Martin

6 rating for Recruitment, based on 11 reviews
Please describe the interview process and assessments.
One interview, then an offer was made.
I had an unusual process. I interviewed for a job and was offered a different one. Undertook a phone interview, then a face to face interview. No assessments were required.
Relatively short interview with future manager. Went through university achievements and results, areas of study. Also discussed social activities listed on resume. Discussion of security clearance requirement to work for company.
There were 4 parts: - Submit resume - Online assessment - Phone interview - In-person interview The online assessment had some logical reasoning tests - I don't remember that much of it. The phone interview was around 15 minutes, and just asked some basic questions about what I would like to gain out of working with Lockheed, and what my reasons for joining were. The in-person interview was around an hour, and involved some coding tests, and general coding questions to assess how much I knew about software practices - not particular languages.
The interview was great, we conducted in a professional discussion that ran very smoothly
Online survey followed by interview. No assessments were undertaken.
What questions were you asked in your interviews?
Best software practices, what I worked on in final year of university, whether I work on software projects outside of required works.
Why would you like to work with Lockheed? What experience have you got in Software Engineering? What was your favourite/least favourite project you've ever done? Have you experienced much conflict in work-type situations before, and if so, how did you resolve those? Specific questions relating to Software Engineering practices e.g. how a variable should be named?
Standard questions like why I want the job, what sort of skills I can bring to the team etc. The more unique questions were how I feel about working for a defence company and how I would feel about going through the process of getting a security clearance.
Do you have any specific tips and advice for candidates applying to your company? How would you recommend they best prepare?
Know your stuff, and if possible have a security clearance before you apply, although it isn't really required to get hired it helps. Make sure you can pass a security clearance if required.
Don't be intimidated. Just remain calm and be yourself. The company likes good team players and people with initiative.
I recommend reading about software design patterns, and to read programmer blogs (if you aren't already). These will definitely help you to understand how to code language-independently. This is a very important skill - knowing one language won't help, you have to know how to code *well*. Picking up languages is a secondary skill.
Learn about the company, in particular the company's values. Apply if you have a passion for your desired career direction.