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Nadia Argiro

Nadia is studying Bachelor of Commerce (majoring in Finance and Management) at The University of Melbourne and is a Human Resources Intern at L'Oréal Australia

7.30 AM

I try not to hit the snooze button too many times and get ready to drive to work.

8:45 AM

I make my way up to level thirteen, where I am lucky enough that my desk is right next to the café, and the barista makes my morning mocha. After chatting with a few colleagues, I enjoy the views of Albert Park and the city, before going through my emails, checking my calendar, and ensuring I am ready for the big day ahead.

Day in the life Nadia Argiro Loreal Australia

9.30 AM

I present an HR data analytics project that I have been working on for over two weeks to the team. I provide recommendations for improvements in the future and converse with the team about how to improve our future HR data reporting systems.

10:30 AM

I finish building the promotional material for our upcoming ‘Grounds of L'Oréal’ event, where I am very excited to be helping develop our first ever foundational program so that students can explore life at L'Oréal during university through a 1-day program. This will involve meeting Rodrigo Pizarro our Country Director, learning about our four divisions, and networking with our current management trainees.

Day in the life Nadia Argiro Loreal Australia

11.30 AM

An employee from the Consumer Products Division visits our floor to drop of a box of spare products, so the team is excited to delve through and take home some new free products.

Day in the life Nadia Argiro Loreal Australia

12.30 PM

Lunchtime! I’m so lucky, some of my best friends from university also work here in other divisions - so I able to catch up with them for a quick lunch-break. Sometimes, it is well needed to break up the busy day!

2.00 PM

I have an hour to spare before I catch up with my managers, so I complete some e-learning training, that is focused on improving both my soft and hard skills in the workplace, as well as industry awareness.

Day in the life Nadia Argiro Loreal Australia

4.00 PM

It’s time to take advantage of L'Oréal’s buddy initiative - where I am paired with a slightly senior person outside my team to enjoy a coffee catch-up with on a weekly basis. She’s a great friend to learn from, as she was once in my position not too long ago!

5.00 PM

As L'Oréal encourages flexible working, I’m taking a break from work at L'Oréal to attend a university tutorial for a summer subject I am taking, called The Future of Work. As a result, I switch off from work for an hour and return to work one hour later, where I will work a little later to compensate for the disruption.


I head to a friend’s house for a quick birthday dinner and gift her some discounted YSL lipstick I bought from the staff shop. She loves it 😊

9.00 PM

After a quick shower, I call my parents, and spend a little too long on social media, before finally starting to fall asleep.