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Stephanie Dammann

Stephanie studied Bachelor of Commerce Advances – Majoring Marketing and International Business at The University of Sydney and is now working as Assistant Product Manager, SkinCeuticals at L'Oréal Australia

7 AM

Friday morning - time to wake up for the last day of the working week! I roll out of bed and start my intensive skincare routine. I wouldn’t be a L’Oréal employee if I didn’t apply my serums and of course an SPF 50+.

7:30 AM

By now, it is time to get a coffee at my favourite local – Chez Mademoiselle! In true French fashion, I love to dip the croissant in my latte. This is my time to sit down and plan my day. I love a physical to-do list, and it is a great way to prioritise today’s tasks.

Day in the life Stephanie Loreal Australia

8:00 AM

Walk to work. Located right next to the hustle of Chapel Street, L’Oréal Australia headquarters is only a 15-minute walk. I am lucky enough that my roommate works at L’Oréal too (in Garnier), and we often walk together chatting about the day we have ahead.

8:15 AM

Before the day’s meetings start off, I like to use the morning to get ahead of my emails, schedule in any meetings needed for today’s tasks and starting actioning my to-do list.

9:00 AM

The first meeting is a marketing team WIP. On a Friday we have our WIP upstairs in the café, where we enjoy the view of Albert Park. Here we all check in on how the weeks activities have gone, ask any questions and align on priorities going into the next week.

10:00 AM

It is time for our PR meeting. This specific meeting is our PR agency proposing their 2021 strategy for new product launches and influencer management. We dive deep into the data of previous activities and develop learnings to take into the new year. The meeting is collaborative, were my team and I provide feedback and work with the agency to develop succinct strategies. This includes aligning on the communications message, the planning of social media talent, physical and virtual events and send-outs.

11:00 AM

In between meetings is where I action my to-do list and prepare for emails. It is often when I am my most productive. Today, I am using this time to forecast how many clinics and retailers will purchase a launch promotion, and then I design the marketing materials (such as posters, educational strat cards, EDMs and social media posts on the new product). Being at my desk in office is also an opportunity for me to ask the wider team, such as finance, commercial or supply any questions or follow-ups on tasks in their inbox. All functions on the brand sit next to each other, and it is a great time to understand what everyone else’s role and responsibilities entail.

Day in the life Stephanie Loreal Australia

1:00 PM

It is finally time for lunch, or what we like to call at L’Oréal ‘Wellness Hour’. An initiative that started during working from home has continued to the office, to ensure we have a break from screens and do something that is for ourselves. For my wellness hour, I meet up with my colleagues, fellow Grads who completed the Management Trainee with me last year. We go for a walk to Falkner Park to eat lunch and organise Friday night drinks happening tonight.

Day in the life Stephanie Loreal Australia

2:00 PM

My afternoon entails more meetings. Specifically, the monthly forecasting meeting with all functions. I present all the different marketing activities, including promotions, launches and sampling, for the following months. Finance discuss’ the impact on profitability each activity has, and supply keeps the team in check on whether or not we have the stock for such activities.

3:30 PM

The 3 pm fade clocks in and I get a little restless at my desk, so I decide to go visit the L’Oréal Staff shop. I am flying back to Sydney later next week to visit my family, and they always love some gifts. I pick my mum up a Giorgio Armani lipstick and myself a Maison Margiela fragrance – because why not treat yourself!

4:00 PM

I spend the afternoon working on some bundling that will exclusively be live on one retailer for Vitamin C week and May Mayhem Click Frenzy. I confirm quotes with suppliers, create the visual briefs for the bundles with the designer, print the bundles, and make sure all codes are confirmed so they are ready to be checked into our Distribution Centre.

Day in the life Stephanie Loreal Australia

5:00 PM

Next week I am off at a photoshoot, where we are interviewing some Doctors, which will turn into content for our social media, clinics we work with and our retailer pages. This requires me to finalise the script, send off the briefs to all parties, confirm car transfers and gather all props and products for the shoot.

6:00 PM

Friday night is for the grads – where we all meet up over drinks. We all get ready for the weekend, leaving the working week behind. You will be sure to see us on Chapel Street with some dumplings in hand!