Ayshe Sevdan, Graduate Lawyer in Litigation at Macpherson Kelley
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Graduate Lawyer in Litigation at Macpherson Kelley

Ayshe Sevdan studied ​a ​Bachelor in Arts / Law ​at Monash University in 2016, and is now a Graduate Lawyer in Litigation at Macpherson Kelley.

6.30 AM

Wake up! It is time to get going.

7.45 AM

I'm not a morning person, but I start work a bit earlier today as I'm keen to leave work on time to get to dinner with my girlfriends after work. Our Flex+ recognises that we all have busy lives outside of work, and allows us to operate with a degree of flexibility so as to be able to balance work with personal commitments.  I'm glad I left a little earlier today because on my way to work I bump into Mel, one of the other 7 graduates, and we grab a quick coffee before work. We haven't seen each other yet this week as we've been working in different offices, so it's great to catch up.

8.30 AM

My current rotation is with the Litigation and Dispute Resolution team, and I've been kept really busy. One of the matters that I am working on requires a Statement of Claim to be drafted, which I've been working on over the last couple of days. I work on finalising the Statement of Claim in preparation for a meeting with Robert, my supervisor, at 10am.

10.00 AM

I sit down with Rob to go through what I've have prepared. As graduates, we get a lot of feedback and support, and the Senior Associates and Principals are willing to give a lot of their time to help us learn. There's a point in the Statement of Claim that needs to be clarified, so Rob and I call the client together to seek confirmation. Observing other lawyers interacting with clients during my grad year has given me a lot more confidence when dealing with clients myself, which is great because I've been speaking directly with clients a lot lately. At the end of the call, Rob explains the next steps. I know it will be a busy couple of days.  

11.30 AM

I am off to Court to inspect and copy some documents. It's nice to get away from my desk and stretch my legs.

12.30 PM

It's time to let off a bit of steam, and the Macpherson Kelley Netball team have a game a short walk away at Flagstaff Gardens. It is definitely more fun than competitive, but we do like a win!

2.00 PM

I get back to the office, change, and get ready to meet a new client with Rob, who has made an appointment to discuss a contractual dispute.

3.30 PM

Back at my desk, I check for any urgent emails. I then work on a research memo that needs to be completed by the end of the day.

4.45 PM

I'm getting admitted soon, which means that my Supervised Workplace Training workbook needs to be finalised. I've finished my research early, so I spend some time catching up on my workbook.

5.45 PM

Pens down. I enter my time, grab my bag and get ready to head out. On my way out the door, I get roped into a quick game of table tennis.

6.15 PM

I meet my girlfriends for dinner at one of our usual hangouts. It's nice to wind down after a busy day.

8.30 PM

I begrudgingly make it to the gym for a (very quick!) workout.

10.30 PM

Bed time! I'll sleep well tonight.

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