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Wesley Yep

“It’s rewarding to see the project that I’ve been working on used by hundreds of team members on a daily basis.” Read how Wesley Yep’s internship in Macquarie’s Technology team lead him to an exciting year on the Macquarie Graduate Program.

I moved from Auckland to join Macquarie’s technology team as part of the 2016 Internship Program. I have Bachelor’s degrees in Software Engineering and Biological Science, and I work as a developer in the Container Platform Team, based in the Banking and Financial Services Group.

My role is full-stack development of software tools to monitor, maintain and improve the developer experience using the Openshift container platform. When I started as an intern, the team was quite new and the Openshift platform was still in development. I’ve enjoyed working with consistent technology throughout my internship and graduate roles, and to see the rollout of the platform throughout the business.

One of my recent major projects has been developing the Openshift Portal, which has become the primary interface for 33 teams and 280 users internally within the Banking and Financial Services Group. It’s been rewarding to see the project that I’ve been working on used by hundreds of team members on a daily basis.

The Openshift portal was designed from scratch to meet important needs such as user access management, application approvals, capacity controls, and automated testing. It’s intuitive and user-friendly, and I’ve loved having the freedom to be creative and put my ideas into the design.

My internship was a great experience. I learnt so much that I joined the 2018 Graduate Program in the same team. Since then, I’ve worked on a variety of software-development projects, using a wide range of technologies including Java, ReactJs, and GraphQL. I’ve worked closely with other digital teams, such as the Open Banking team. We have a lot to do with the many teams in the Banking and Financial Services Group that use our platform, so I work with a wide variety of interesting people.

During my graduate year I took part in the Graduate Development Program, which allowed me to network and connect with other graduates. Through the program I met many inspiring people – both fellow grads and more senior people at Macquarie – who have provided me with plenty of advice and support. It’s amazing how many people at Macquarie are willing to help new graduates and junior employees in developing their careers.