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Talea Loeskow

6.30 AM

I’m woken up at this time by my meowing kitten, Jericho, asking to be fed. Sometimes I wake a little earlier to head to the gym in my apartment, though I’ve eased off on this lately as I’m training for the Oxfam 100km Trailwalker event. I figure that 70kms of walking on a weekend is enough!  

7.45 AM

By now I’ve managed to get myself out of the apartment and keep Jericho in – he’s an escape artist who loves spending time in our hallway. I spend the next 20ish minutes walking to work. Even living in Melbourne, I’ve only had to walk to or from work in the rain 5 times in the last year, so there’s really no excuse not to walk. On my walk, I will either call my family, who live in Queensland, or I’ll listen to music or a podcast. This morning I listen to ‘No Such Thing As A Fish’ for a morning uplift. 

8.10 AM

I’ve secured myself a desk. At Medibank, we call our working environment to Thrive. Rather than have allocated desks, we choose a space to work that suits our activity at the time. I like starting the day at a standing desk – though these are hot property. I spend the next 20 or so minutes reading my emails, filling my water bottle and grabbing a piece of fruit from the kitchen.

Medibank Talea Loeskow on her desk for today

8.30 AM

By 8.30am most people are in the office, so I usually try and catch a couple of people face to face before they head into meetings - it’s so much quicker than emailing. Today I catch up with Paul, our Customer Experience and Strategy Specialist, and we chat about the best way to analyse and present a data set.

Medibank Talea Loeskow chatting with her colleague

9.00 AM

Today I run a fortnightly meeting on Voice of the Customer with Leads from all over the business. I guide the conversation through the significant results of our weekly report and how they link to what our customers have been saying about us. As a group we identify the root cause of any issues and create an action plan, including follow-up with the customer.

Medibank Talea Loeskow spearheading a meeting

9.30 AM

I’m logging on to a weekly ‘work in progress’ catch up with one of ahm’s providers. They’re based interstate so we do this online (technology these days, hey!). 

10.00 AM

I’ve got a few hours free from meetings, so I spend my time writing a summary of our meeting to send to ahm’s leadership team to get them across the key updates. I’m leading a Customer Experience project that involves stakeholders from around the business (Marketing, Information Management, IT and Operations) where my role is to help plan, build and implement a solution that achieves the best customer experience for our members. We’re in the building stage so I am working with one stakeholder on the member communications and another in relation to the process build. 

12.00 PM

Lunch time. My buddy is my team mate who helps me with my random questions. We’ve started a Lunch Party in the ahm team. (It’s actually just regular lunch in the kitchen, but if we call it a party it’s more exciting!)

1.00 PM

Fed and happy it’s now time for a project catch-up with our Customer Strategy Manager. We’re working on solidifying the Pilot strategy, estimations and timeline to communicate with the leadership team. Most of the work is done so it’s mainly putting together the final pack which I take as an action for the next week. 

Medibank Talea Loeskow working with her Customer Strategy Manager

2.00 PM

More free time get to stuck in to my inbox and to do list. After the VoC meeting this morning I have some actions to follow-up with our Contact Centre team – who are based in Wollongong. This is one of my favourite parts of the job because the team is so passionate about the customers and we collaborate to solve some customer pain points really quickly. 

3.00 PM

Time for a Customer Experience team catch up. Today we are doing Hack-a-Something. It’s like a Hackathon – but on steroids. One of us brings an issue we are having and we all put our heads together to break it down and create an action plan.

Medibank Talea Loeskow at a Customer Experience team catch up

4.00 PM

I wrap up the workday with some final emails and rugby union banter with our General Manager, Jan O’Keefe.

5.00 PM

As soon as I open the door to my apartment Jericho comes running out into the hallway – more excited to play with the carpet than to see me. There’s no better way to unwind from work than playing with a hyperactive kitten. Though I also enjoy playing some Xbox or watching Netflix. 

6.30 PM

Time to cook and eat dinner – I’ve gotten pretty good at this after living out of home for four years. What did you eat tonight? After dinner, I spend some time researching South American destinations for a holiday later in the year. Then it’s shower time and back onto Netflix for a little while until I tuck myself into bed by 10 pm.