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Sustainability at Meltwater

7.3 rating for Sustainability, based on 20 reviews
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Being conscientious of waste is important in Meltwater with waste sorted into multiple bins, keep cups for everyone and active efforts not to use plastic cutlery or straws.
Midlevel, Sydney
We have green initiatives in terms of correct waste disposal and the promotion of re-usable over single use plastics. One thing that is a little frustrating is that we leave the lights on overnight! (this could be related more to the building rather than our office, but still!)
Graduate, Sydney
Recycling is a big part in the Sydney office.
Midlevel, Brisbane
We have CSR team leaders who focus on the environment.
Midlevel, Sydney
We could be better
Experienced, Sydney
Encouraging people to be more conscious of their consumption is a good start, trying to keep it more forefront of people's minds is a good way to move forward.
Midlevel, Sydney
Multiple types of bins.
Midlevel, Sydney
We have many employees who are passionate about this topic who drive good habits and hold high standards for all employees.
Executive, Sydney