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Career Prospects at MinterEllison

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Please tell us about promotion possibilities and fill us in on what it takes to move up the ranks.
Minter Ellison has a good history of promoting strong, young employees. My impression is that strong performers will not struggle to progress.
Proving yourself to be a technical specialist, organised, an efficient perfectionist, and gaining experience on a large number of the same matters.
The process up to associate level is quite structured and easy to follow. However junior lawyers are less clear about how appointments for Senior Associate and above are made
Promotion from Graduate to Lawyer to Associate is based on duration. Promotion to Senior Associate to Partner or Special Counsel is based on merit and performance.
Promotions really are based, like a lot of other firms, on the time spent at the firm. For that reason it is pretty standard.
I haven't been at Minters long enough to comment on this but promotion seems to follow a fair process from what I've heard. It's based on merit but also on years of experience.
There seems to be opportunities to progress in the company based on experience and capability - something I look forward to experiencing