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Corporate Social Responsibility at MinterEllison

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What projects/initiatives does your employer run and what have you worked on personally?
Ongoing pro bono matters, meaningful investment in pro bono work by partners.
The firm runs numerous pro bono projects ranging from working at the women's shelter, high school mentoring and criminal justice.
My company encourages lawyers to become involved in community investment programs, which include pro bono work and mentoring disadvantaged school-children. On occasion, my company has also rejected work from clients they believe to be involved in unethical activities - EG tobacco companies. However this does not happen often.
A lot of charity events, including runs/marathons/morning teas. One partner dedicated to community involvement and a wide range of pro bono opportunities.
We have a few programs under which we "give back", including our pro bono legal programs, homeless persons legal centre work and mentoring programs with underprivileged children.
This firm runs a number of pro bono activities and each lawyer I know performs a certain number of pro bono hours each week. Personally I have been involved in the Homeless Persons' Legal Clinic and a number of charity events supporting the end to cancer.
There are numerous CSR projects that employees can join and the firm undertakes pro bono work. I personally have worked on pro bono cases and am volunteering with SPARK.
There are many active engagement programs offered by Minter Ellison with the community. We also engage in pro bono activities and fundraising
We have a lot of pro bono work and clients, and we also participate in a mentoring program each summer where we help children with reading
I have worked on a number of pro bono files and have been involved in a range of charity and communication activities, such as reading programs at local schools