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Culture at MinterEllison

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Please describe your company's culture both in the office and after hours. Let us know about the structure and hierarchy, cooperation and teamwork, and socialising amongst colleagues.
Having entered the firm as a clerk, I have a very strong bond with a large group of young lawyers. We support each other and enjoy life outside the firm together. I'm fortunate enough to be friends with a group of lawyers who share my love of fitness.
Strong collegiate culture with an emphasis on collaboration. Flat structure invested to training and developing employees. The staff socialise regularly after work.
Solid, supportive culture. The senior lawyers often spend time with the juniors to ensure the entire team understands the 'big picture', and where their work fits into the deal. Socially, the after-hours firm culture is strong, particularly within those groups of lawyers who joined the firm in the same graduate intake.
The culture is very relaxed, yet still professional. My team works very hard, but it is appreciated and we are always thanked for our hard work. My group is also very social, especially amongst the junior lawyers. We have regular dinners and the whole group will go out for lunch to celebrate milestones regularly. We have a flat structure - juniors work directly with partners and everyone is very approachable (there is an 'open door' policy).
There is a very supportive group of young lawyers in my section whom I can ask about anything. I work directly with two senior colleagues including a partner. I think I am missing someone at the associate level or senior associate level who can review my work.
My team's culture is quite understanding and diverse. We have a flat structure and often work with partners and seniors directly. There is a good level of cooperation between the team and generally everyone gets along. There are opportunities to work laterally across the team and I am able to do that. We are not an overly social team but do commit to social functions and team outings occasionally.
Minter Ellison is a friendly and surprisingly casual place to work. I am lucky enough to have some great friends here at work, which helps with the long hours! The hierarchy is quite flat in my team as I usually report to whoever is running the matter, whether that be an associate, senior associate or partner. However, this depends on the specific team you work for. We are a much more collaborative group since we moved to an open plan office; I find we have more group discussions and brainstorm ideas a lot easier now that we all work in the same space. Our new office also allows us to be quite social among ourselves because there are some great spots to get together with friends over lunch, and we have an internal staircase which means you are bound to bump into a friendly face at least once a day!
The company's culture both in the office and after hours is consistent - everyone is intelligent, personable, interesting and friendly. The structure and hierarchy seems to vary across different practice groups but I certainly get the feel that a 'flatter' structure is encouraged. Cooperation and teamwork is strongly encouraged, with lawyers from different practice groups often working with each other on the same matter. A collegiate environment is fostered with the new rooms and facilities making group work much easier in the new office. The employees here are also very social people - whether it's impromptu Thursday night drinks or a firm-wide organised event, many people are always keen to have a good time and to get to know their colleagues on more personal level.
The team I am in has a very friendly culture, which encourages team socialising during lunchtimes and for coffee etc. Whilst there is a form of hierarchy, I am encouraged to work with the partner as much as possible. It is also a very easy team to work with, and others are always happy to step in and assist when help is required.
I think the open plan environment encourages more collaboration and makes junior lawyers feel more comfortable approaching senior lawyers with questions and problems. The level of socialising between colleagues depends on the team you are in and the personality of the lawyers in those teams. Whether your supervisor actively involves you in matters seems to be dependent on the team as well. Some are great at getting juniors involved and exposing them to clients and the industry, others are not as great.
While there is a hierarchy in the team, my senior associate and partner are accessible and approachable. People are supportive and always willing to help, which is fantastic as a junior.
It all seems to depend on the particular practice group you are working in. Each has its own personality. In general, everyone seems happy to work both within a hierarchy and as a team more generally. The hierarchy tends only to influence who does what work, as opposed to the level of respect people give each other.
Socialising, cooperation and teamwork amongst colleagues is generally good both in and out of the office. The graduate and junior lawyer cohort is extremely collegial and most of us are great friends. There is a distinct hierarchy within the office between partners and juniors. There is a new wave of younger partners who are breaking down this hierarchy, however, in some teams there is still a fairly antiquated hierarchical system.
The firm actively encourages a work life balance, providing a number of opportunities for employees to engage in social activities with one another