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Training & Personal Development at MinterEllison

8.1 rating for Training, based on 62 reviews
Please describe the training programmes at your company and tell us what skills you've picked up.
Ongoing CLEs and opportunities to engage with outside further education.
There is an abundant of required and optional training sessions on each week. Staff are empowered to monitor and foster their own learning.
In addition to the graduate induction sessions, I have learnt from group-specific training that has provided an introduction to core skills and legal knowledge relevant to practice areas.
The firm provides a lot of training programs for graduates, however it is all concentrated in our first week at work. I think some of it might be better staggered through the program once we have had some experience in the office. In particular, I think we require better networking training.
Great graduate development program, with additional team based training sessions on top to help ease into the rotation.
We were given very detailed and comprehensive formal training programs both firm wide and team specific. Furthermore, the opportunity to learn from practical experience is endless. I have become much more confident now in working at a law firm than when I first started.
The formal training is extensive, structured and well-delivered. The informal training depends on the particular team you are in - some people are more willing to train you than others.
We have monthly continued learning sessions in our fields of expertise. These sessions allow us to meet the expectations of the law society to keep our practising certificates. Other than that, the training depends on t