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Working Hours at MinterEllison

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How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
I work between 50-70 hours per week depending on deal flow. Busy periods result in longer hours, however when it is quiet you are not expected to stay in the office for 'face-time'.
Highly variable working hours. When a large amount of work is required, hours can be long. However, when an employee requires time for a particular reason, and voices that need, the firm really does make an effort to accommodate that need.
I work on average 8am to 6.30/7pm. With probably one late night a week. We are able to work from home if needs be, but as a junior it is better to be in the office to support the senior lawyers.
I would appreciate having a laptop or something in order to take non-urgent work home (that is due that week/next day) in order to spend less time in the office and more time socialising/exercising in the evenings
This company is great when it comes to encouraging lawyers and staff to make the most of quiet periods and down-time. 'Face-time' is NOT a thing here and employees are always keen to get to the gym or get out of the office whenever the opportunity presents itself. All partners strongly encourage a work-life balance here.
My partner is extremely flexible with working hours and taking leave. I often finish at 7pm and if I do work very late I am not expected to be in the office at 8am.
The hours you work will vary between the different groups. My experience so far has been that the hours are reasonable. I have never had an issue with being unable to attend an outside work commitment.
My group in particular is quite reasonable with the hours we work. There is no expectation that everyone has to stay back every night. If you finish your work by 6, you're able to go. I've only had a couple of nights over 6 weeks where I've left after 9pm so overall quite satisfied. I expected worse.
The rotations that I have done have been good for work hours compared to other teams in the company. My first rotation my normal hours were 8-5.30 or 6 with a few late nights (no later than 10pm) thrown in. My current team is a bit busier, so I would say half the week I do an 8-6pm day, and the other days I work a few more hours. I am trying to do my longer hours in the morning, such as working from 6.30am to 6.30pm as I find I am more productive before work than after 6pm.
I am in the office at least 10 hours a day. I also do some work on weekends, and have a remote login option to complete some of that work at home if I want.
My work hours are fairly regular, however, they can be very long at times when there is a major project. The company is very flexible in this regard when it is quiet. We are expected to work hours that reflect the amount of workload at that particular time.