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Office & Workplace at MinterEllison

8.4 rating for Workplace, based on 60 reviews
Please comment on your company's office space, location and facilities. And while we're at it, please tell us a little about the dress code.
Formal suit attire; open plan and modern but it can get quite noisy and distracting
Fantastic. The new building is lovely. Stand up desks, great end of journey facilities, bike cage and work shop.
Excellent IT, impressive workplace. Dress code is flexible (but mostly quite conservative).
No issues with dress code. We are in need of laptops in order to make working more flexible. Access to emails from personal mobiles would be really helpful for when out of the office.
The office in Sydney is incredible. Views of the ocean all around, even for juniors. The building is bright and spacious. Meeting rooms can be hard to find. The office dress allows for some individual creativity.
The location is great but the offices are due for a refresh. The dress code is very formal but no different to any other law firm.
New offices as of mid-2015. Adjustable standing desks, ergonomic assessment upon induction. Great view over the Harbour. Dress code is relaxed and full suit and tie appears to only be worn when required.
Great facilities and quite modern. Generally, the firm is not insistent on wearing ties and jackets all day. Unless you have a meeting or function to attend to, no tie or jacket is required.
The company has brand new offices, which are light, spacious and well-designed in an open office plan. The dress code is quite conservative, but flexible as long as you look professional.
Great view of the river, if you can get a window office on that side. Dress code is fairly formal, but again group dependent. Good client facilities, hub, kitchenettes etc.
Minter's new office is second to none-- the facilities are fantastic and the office space provides opportunities for cohesion and collaboration. The sit to stand desks and laptop access are fundamentally changing the way that we work. The dress code at Minters is relaxed compared to other firms.
The office is located on the enviable Eagle Street. It has beautiful offices, especially for senior management and thank goodness is not open plan. The dress code is dependant from group to group, but more casual corporate unless in litigation.
The location is very convenient, it is in the CBD and within close proximity to public transport, the courts shops and restaurants. The offices are well set out and the facilities are excellent; i.e. kitchen, change rooms, plenty of meeting rooms, library and technology team. The offices are well set out, there are plenty of meeting rooms and the library team are a great resource.