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Jordan Smith

6.45 AM

I wake up, have breakfast and get ready. I like to be out the door by 7.30 so I know I am on track for the bus to arrive at Bondi Junction train station by 8.00 am.

8.15 AM

My train arrives at Martin Place, I can’t start my day without a coffee and it is usually rush hour at the cafés so I pre-order my coffee and it is always ready for me as I walk in the door. Sometimes I will work at our Head Office and other times I will work at one of our shopping centre offices. One of the great perks of Mirvac is having your laptop ready to go wherever you are so I have the flexibility to work with the National Marketing team at head office and all of centre marketing teams to keep up with all the exciting things happening. 

8.30 AM

I head into the office and get settled into a spot, we have a hot desking arrangement so every day you are most likely to be in a different spot next to a different person then the day before! First thing in the morning I like to map out my day by checking my calendar for any meetings and reminders. If I have time I will conduct a quick scan of our shopping centres website and social pages to know I am up to date with the latest events and offers (I also like to check the links are working). 

9.00 AM

I have a catch up with my manager, whether that be in person or a skype call, we go through the latest happenings and discuss anything that needs to be done. Retail is a very exciting sector to work in as there is always something new in the pipeline, from film promotions to guest events we constantly have something in the works at a national level for our centres to roll out. Communication is vital with management to ensure I am across everything and am on the same page as them!

10.30 AM

I head into a meeting with the National Marketing team for an ideation session for the next financial years marketing plan. It is essential to plan well in advance to ensure we can deliver a strong strategy for our centres and brainstorm creative and innovative campaigns that can be customised for the market at each centre. 

11.30 AM

Getting back to my desk I regather my thoughts and make sure I am still on track for everything I would like to get done for the day. I list my things to do in order of priority to make sure if I don’t get to things at the end of my list I can come back to them tomorrow. Sometimes I will head downstairs to the café and grab a snack and continue my work looking out over the harbour – We have an amazing view! 

1:00 PM

Lunch time! I usually like to take a walk along the harbour and grab something to eat before coming back into the office, it is good to get outside and take a break from the emails.

2:00 PM

Settled back at my desk feeling refreshed, and most likely sipping my second cup of coffee for the day. I revisit my list and continue my work, I like to look at what is coming up for the week as it is easy to miss something. I make sure I am up to date with any presentations that are required from our partners for promotions we have ran and any invoices that need processing. 

4:00 PM

Towards the end of the day I like to touch base with my team to see if anyone requires assistance with anything. Sometimes reaching out to team members gives me opportunities to learn new things such as data analysis and website back-end skills. The team are always willing to teach you new things which is such an important part of development, there is always something new to learn in marketing and having such skilled colleagues is a huge benefit. 

5:30 PM

I start to pack up my desk and put everything into my locker. I walk to the train station and make my way home.

6:00 PM

I try to squeeze a run in before I get comfortable at home and have dinner.

9:30 PM

Getting a good nights sleep is important to me so I try and get to bed early so I am ready to do it all again tomorrow!