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Jasmine Houghton

For my vacation program I was based in Kalgoorlie, working Monday to Friday. I went home a couple of times during my time there but spent most of my 12 weeks in Kal. This gave me the chance to explore a bit of Kalgoorlie on the weekends and meet new people through yoga and other activities I wouldn’t usually do in Perth. I loved my time there – the Monos crew were wonderful and there was always something different for me to do. It got me out of my comfort zone, and as I’m writing this during my last week here, there’s a part of me that wishes I could stay here in the Goldfields.

5.45 AM

Wake up

My alarm is set for some time between 5:30 and 6:00, depending on if I go for a short run/walk before work. I have a cup of coffee and eat some brekkie before driving down the road to work – the Monadelphous office is about 10 minutes from where I am staying.

7.00 AM

Start work

First thing I do once I get into the office is put my lunch in the fridge & start up my computer. There’s usually a couple of emails to read and reply to, or maybe an invoice to process from some materials I ordered in the previous few days.

Some mornings my buddy – a senior project engineer – has a meeting out at site, so I head out there with him. Meetings are often about a new job the client needs done, or discussions about an upcoming shutdown. I take lots of notes regarding any upcoming works and photos to help with later steps in the job. Then we walk to another area of the site where Monos are currently working on another job. We check in with how they’re doing, drop off anything they might need, and take photos of progress the crew have made.

We head back to the office after this, and it’s coffee time.

10.00 AM

Follow up office tasks

After break, I begin a submission to the client for the new job we have just looked at. I go back to the photos and use these to consider what needs to be done for the job. For example, if we are doing repairs on a CIL tank, this could include pipes, steel and any other materials we need to carry out the repairs, equipment such as an EWP, a blast and paint unit, and welding gear. Labour costs also need to be accounted for, as well as other miscellaneous consumables. For all this estimating, I go to see our estimator, who gives me a hand with estimating how long certain aspects of the job will take, and any materials and equipment I may have forgotten. I spend a few hours working on this, and calling companies for quotes on materials and equipment, but it could take another day or so to get an accurate quote, depending on how big the job is.

1.00 PM

Lunch time

I grab my lunch, either leftovers or something from the deli– there’s always plenty of options!

1.30 PM

Truss Job time

The workshop has finished fabricating some more members of the truss replacement, so I ring up one of our truck drivers, and ask him if he’s available to move some steel across the road to our paint yard. I meet him in the workshop yard and tick off each numbered piece of steel – when there’s 60 odd different members it’s super important to keep track of which have been fabricated, painted and which have already gone to site. I give him a hand tying down the steel and head across the road with him to help unload the steel and ask the painters how long they think it will take. This gives me a chance to start organising anything that might been needed out at site, such as a crane.

3.30 PM

Any remaining jobs

I give United Steel a ring and see if some materials I ordered earlier are ready to get picked up, then drive down the road to grab them. Once I’m back in the office I ring a few different crane companies, see if they have a crane available when we need it, and how much they charge.

5.00 PM

Knock off time

I grab my ute and head back to where I'm staying. Most nights I either go for a walk, swim or go to a yoga class. There’s almost any sport you can think of here in Kalgoorlie, as well as several gyms so there’s plenty of ways to keep fit.

Knock off time

6.30 PM


Dinner is from 5:30 to 7:30, and there’s a good range of food, and specials that change every day. I’m super lucky where I’m staying cause the food is great and the staff are super friendly.

After dinner I usually grab some lunch for the next day, and head back to my room.

9.00 PM

Lights out

I wind down by watching a couple of episodes of something or read my book, before heading to sleep around 9. I hate being rushed in the morning, so I make I’m prepped ready for the morning!