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MYOB Career Advice

What makes a great graduate program? Lessons from MYOB: the best reviewed employer in Australia and New Zealand.

Graduate students look at employee reviews more than almost any other metric when browsing company profiles. The data is clear, if you want to attract top talent, you need happy graduates. To help you with this, we spoke with MYOB, the company with the best graduate reviews across all of Australia and New Zealand.

Processing my experience with Imposter Syndrome

That all too familiar feeling — the fear of everyone around you discovering your incompetence. The self-doubt at the front of your mind every hour of the workday. The shame that fills you every time you admit defeat. The certainty that you are in fact, a fraud.

How technology is helping accountants – Q&A

Shailan Patel, Education Manager at MYOB New Zealand, talks about how technology is assisting the accounting industry.