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Tom Waters

7.00 AM

I wake up, pull-on shorts and a t-shirt and get things ready to go to work. 

7.15 AM

I leave the house, get on my bike and cycle the 7km to work. It’s a really nice ride along the Merri Creek for half the way and it’s a great way to start my day. It’s mostly downhill which is bad news for future me though. 

7.45 AM

I arrive at MYOB and park my bike in one of the two bike sheds we’ve got here, shower and get dressed into normal clothes. I make myself some breakfast (either a smoothie or cereal I brought from home) and get things from my locker so I can start the day. MYOB has hotdesking so I choose a free desk in the Protégé area (there’s usually plenty of options at this time) and plonk myself down. 

8.00 AM

This is when I usually open my laptop and start the day. I check my emails and calendar to see what is on for the day. I drop a message in my mentors’ Slack channel to let them know how my day is looking and we can coordinate who will be able to make the session later in the day. I look through a couple of emails I subscribed to like Smashing Magazine and FrontEnd Focus to see what’s going on in the Dev World. 

8.30 AM

If something interesting pops from my emails, I will spend some time playing around with that idea to get a better understanding of it, or I will do a warmup exercise from CodeWars of Exercism.io to get my brain ticking over. 

9.30 AM

This is time for morning stand up with the rest of the protégés. We each talk through what we did yesterday, and what we have on the cards for the rest of the day. If there are any problems or difficulties we are having, this is the time we bring it up and it’s a time when we plan things together as a group too. 

9.45 AM

After stand up is usually when I grab a cup of tea or coffee and have a break with the other protégés or my buddy. Our buddy is another protégé who is further along the program path than we are. My buddy is on her 3rd Crew rotation and has been at MYOB for over a year now so it’s great to bounce stuff off her and get valuable insight. 

MYOB Graduate - Young professional having coffee in the morning.

10.00 AM

I get stuck into working on the main Kata I’m developing at the moment. Katas are problems or programs we must solve and each one focuses on, or teaches us, a new aspect of good developmental design. We typically take a week to plan/design, develop and refactor these Katas and we work closely with our mentors about how we can improve the code and areas we can focus on.

12.00 PM

Lunchtime!! Spend lunchtime with other protégés or our buddies and try to talk about stuff that isn’t related to coding or work! It’s a much-needed brain break, and I always try to get outside for a bit of a walk around the block as well to stretch my legs and clear my head. If that’s not possible, I will try and sneak in a quick ten-minute meditation. 

1.00 PM

I look over my current project and think about what I want to talk with my mentors about and what areas I need help with. 

1.30 PM

This is the time we have allocated each day to talk with my mentors. Usually, the three of us try to meet up together so we can each have input if we’re all available, otherwise, we do what we can. This is usually done remotely through Slack or Teams and I share my screen and we talk through what I’ve coded since the previous session. Sometimes this session is about design, a code review, planning, or basically whatever needs to be discussed to help me improve and develop my skills. 

2.30 PM

Depending on how long the mentor session is, I usually make a cuppa and have a little break before the last part of the day. My brain usually resembles mush by this point in the day, so the break is much needed. 

3.00 PM

I’m not very good at concentrating in the afternoon so I will either go over some of the concepts or ideas that I talked about with my mentors, or I will spend some time reading or going through tutorials, etc. This is also the time I like to talk with other protégés to see what they’re working on or if I can talk through a problem I have with them. I find talking through what you’re working on really helps solidify your understanding or highlight what you haven’t fully grasped yet. 

MYOB Graduate - Young professional discussing.

4.30 PM

Around this time, I will get to a good place to stop whatever I’m working on and shut down the laptop. I have the laptop purely for work with a personal laptop and desktop at home so often I will leave my work laptop in my locker so I can fully switch off when I get home. I head to the changing rooms, change into my shorts and t-shirt and jump on the bike and start slogging up some hills.