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Zoe Baker

Zoe Baker studied Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Law at the University of Tasmania in 2020 and is now a Risk Graduate at NAB

7:00 am

I do 30 minutes of yoga first thing in the morning. It not only wakes me up but sets a positive start to the day.

7:30 am

I set some time aside for breakfast and make myself a coffee while I get ready.

8:30 am

After I arrive in the office, I check my emails and check what I have for the day so that I can be prepared for any upcoming meetings or other action items. I like to block out time in the calendar if required to plan out my day.

9:00 am

Team check-in: we provide updates on action items and set priorities for the week.

10:00 am

Broader Governance team meeting where we receive updates on other areas in the broader team.

11:00 am  

More coffee (from Story – next door to the 700 Bourke Street office)

11:30 am 

A big part of my role currently is in the reporting space. This involves engaging with other areas in the business to provide updates on particular matters we are monitoring. I will often need to follow up with the relevant stakeholders, analyse the data coming through to check its progress against its risk rating and update our dashboards with this information.

1:00 am

Lunchtime! If I am in the office on a Team day, we will usually step away from work and eat together. Otherwise, there are usually a few (or a lot) of other grads around the office and we love a lunchtime catch up. If I’m organised, I’ve brought lunch with me, otherwise is sushi from Ichimaki!


2:00 pm

Career Qualified in Banking (CQiB) is a nationally recognised course around the fundamentals of banking that everyone in the bank has the opportunity to complete. I am currently studying for this and I like to book time in my calendar a couple of days a week to make sure I’m staying on top of it.

3:00 pm

I have very likely reached my caffeine limit so will be making myself a cup of tea.

Zoe DITL 4

3:30 pm

One piece of work I have been given is to create Standard Operating Procedures which documents all the processes and procedures covered by my Team. This involves meeting with team members to understand these processes, writing them up and having them reviewed and finalised. 

5:30 pm

If it’s a Friday the grads are always keen for after work drinks! Otherwise, I will go to the gym and wind down for the day.