NAB Graduate Profile

Caylie P

Monash University
Product & Markets Graduate
Caylie P, Monash University, BA (Languages), Master of Business (Banking & Finance)

How did you end up at NAB and in the Graduate Program?

I applied to NAB because I felt that I identified with the company’s culture and values. NAB came across as a progressive and exciting place to work, with an inclusive and relaxed culture.


Tell us about the work you’ve been doing so far.

I am currently completing my second rotation out of three. My first rotation was in a Business Improvement team. In this team, I designed the macro process for a pilot innovation program, designed to uplift innovation capability and practices across NAB. While not a traditional “banking” role, I was able to utilise my problem-solving skills as well as develop change implementation and stakeholder management skills. This experience was something completely different to what I expected and I loved it!

My current rotation is in NAB’s Consumer Lending business – home loans, credit cards and personal loans. One of my projects involves looking at NAB’s products and determining areas in which we can improve our product offering for our customers. This project involves speaking with a number of stakeholders, gathering data and evidence, and providing recommendations as to how we can move forward. I have also had the opportunity to work on a couple of smaller change initiatives within this space – such as creating a central stakeholder matrix and change repository.


Do you get to be yourself at work?

Yes! For example, I can wear business attire that I feel comfortable in and take part in initiatives around the business I feel passionate about. I have also had the opportunity to implement an initiative of my own that I came up with. NAB also encourages its employees to complete at least 2 volunteering days per year at a charity of their choice. I feel that NAB allows its employees to be free to be themselves and do what they feel is important.


Do you still get to enjoy a life outside of work?

Yes – I decide when I come in and when I leave, as well as the amount of work I take on.


What would you say to someone that is interested in applying to the NAB Graduate Program?

Go for it! I’ve had a blast!