NAB Graduate Profile

David N

University of Technology Sydney
Operations Graduate
David N, BBus Accounting and Marketing, University of Technology, Sydney,

How did you end up at NAB and in the Graduate Program?

I applied for the 2015 NAB Graduate Program in February 2014, which is when I had just started my final year of university studies. Over the course of approximately 3 months I performed a variety of tests, from psychometric testing to video interviews, until the final interview stage in May. Once the final interviews had finished, I was offered the position about 3 days after the interviews. Once I was offered the position I made the decision to move to Melbourne from Sydney to participate in the Graduate Program at the NAB Head Office.


Tell us about the work you’ve been doing so far.

Within my first 6-month rotation, I was given the task of establishing a new department within the Projects space that would act as a support function to Project Analysts and Senior Project Analysts. The Analysts would send their high volume, low complexity tasks to a group mailbox where it would be completed by an Advisor with our support department.

Within my second 6-month rotation, I was allocated the task of building the Collections department’s calculator that takes into account all of the fees and interest payments, and calculates one figure the customer pays weekly, fortnightly or monthly.


Do you get to be yourself at work?

Absolutely, NAB is a very supportive workplace that encourages you to bring your whole self to work and embrace your individuality.


Do you still get to enjoy a life outside of work?

NAB is also very supportive of commitments you have outside of work and allows you the flexibility to enjoy those commitments without letting work run your life. Some days I need to leave work at 4.30pm, so my manager allows me to be flexible with my hours, whether that is starting earlier that day, taking a shorter lunch break, or even making up for the hours I missed over the week. NAB is very flexible when it comes to work arrangements.


What would you say to someone that is interested in applying to the NAB Graduate Program?

Do it!!! NAB is an incredible company to work for and be a part of. Not many employers give you the opportunity to grow and learn like NAB does. NAB values their Graduates, knows their talents, and trusts them with very important tasks like the ones I listed before. The opportunities given to NAB graduates goes beyond the office, you also get opportunities to work with the community and also do projects with your fellow Graduates, which will not only given you growth and learning opportunities, but the chance to make lifelong friends as well.