NAB Graduate Profile

Matthew G

People (HR) Graduate
Matthew G, MSc – Work and Organisational Psychology, Maastricht University (Netherlands)

How did you end up at NAB and in the Graduate Program?

After working for a few years I wanted to make a switch to HR and went to study overseas for a few years. After coming back I started researching companies that had graduate programs and aligned with my interests in evidence-based HR.

Through connections I was able to talk with people at NAB who all had great experiences working there and mentioned there was a lot of people there pushing evidence-based HR practices. So I had to apply.


Tell us about the work you’ve been doing so far.

The first six-month rotation was spent in a HR consulting team that allowed me to work on different projects across the divisions of the bank. I was working on anything from the simple stuff (updating data) to strategic work improving how parts of the organisation operate.

Now I’m working with the graduate team and helping to organise the development journey for my fellow graduates and the graduates coming in next year.


Do you get to be yourself at work?

To me, being myself means having the freedom to go out and do something interesting at work, trying something different and ideally making a difference to the people


Do you still get to enjoy a life outside of work?

My ideal life outside of work is more travel, food, exercise and festivals. Since working at NAB I’ve been able to travel and eat more interesting food. Consistent exercise has been a struggle and I’ve totally forgotten about festivals this year.

It’s been difficult to get into a rhythm outside of work because there are so many extra things happening in the graduate program that, while optional, are really interesting to do.


What would you say to someone that is interested in applying to the NAB Graduate Program?

Of course I would say to apply. I think there is a real focus on having people with different life experiences and points of view in the program, that will provide a more interesting and creative workplace. So have a think about your own experiences and how you can use that in a positive way.