NERA Economic Consulting offers an intellectually challenging environment in which there are continuous learning opportunities. You will work with one of the largest in-house teams of experts in the economic consulting world. 

NERA Economic Consulting is a true meritocracy without artificial barriers to advancement and promotion. We will provide challenging opportunities and allow you to make significant contributions early in your career. Your advancement is determined by the quality of your contributions to casework, client and project management, and NERA’s intellectual capital. Responsibilities at the junior level may include organising, reviewing, and analysing data or other relevant materials, proofreading and checking project documents, and performing statistical analyses. As you progress, we expect you to suggest creative ways to approach research and analysis, draft proposals and reports, assign work to and supervise others, think analytically and critically, and demonstrate excellent verbal, written, presentation, and organisational skills. Those qualified must have a strong background in economics or finance as well as related disciplines, for all positions, open positions vary by geography