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Application Process & Interviews at Norman Disney & Young

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Please describe the interview process and assessments.
A round one interview with the office manager and one other senior engineer followed by a second round assessment center which puts you in problem solving situations with the other graduates looking for the position
Interview was a simple 2 on 1, no other process required (did vac work)
Was given a phone call/mini phone interview a few months after submitting my application. Was then asked to complete an online assessment test Was finally asked to attend an interview
The interview process consisted of online personality and cognitive ability assessments as well a face to face interview with two of the company�s directors. Overall the process was quite quick once the initial application had been accepted. Quick feedback was key to a more enjoyable interview experience.
I underwent an online application process and two rounds of interview. First round of interview was with the HR and second round was technical.
I undertook two (2) interviews, one with a member of the HR team and one with one of the electrical team leaders. After successfully completing these I was offered the position.
I did not go through the graduate intake process but went straight for an interview. The interview was with the team leader.
Interviewed by local team manager and a senior, interview last about an hour
What questions were you asked in your interviews?
Behavioral interview questions relating to your people skills and problem solving skills
About the company�s values, how I fit in and what I can bring to the table.
Why did I choose ND, How do I problem solve a difficult task/situation, What can I bring to the company
What I knew about heat transfer fundamentals, where I demonstrated leadership, my experience in my current job that would lend skills to the new job.
1. Explain a time when you displayed leadership 2. Explain a time when you had to overcome a challenge. What was the challenge and how do you solve it? 3. What do you want to achieve from working at NDY
Past experiences, understanding of what the company does and some technical ones.
Why I was interested in the building services industry. What was my previous work experience and how can I apply that to NDY.
They asked about how I handled difficult situations an example stories. How you interact with other people is those situations etc.
What do you know about simulation
Do you have any specific tips and advice for candidates applying to your company? How would you recommend they best prepare?
Read up on the values
Understand what NDY has to offer and get an understanding of what we deliver as a business. This is in particular those who have never worked in building services prior (like myself)
Make sure you have examples for all the types of questions that could come up.
Come prepared verbally and mentally with as much experience in and outside the field of engineering as possible. Everything you bring will add something new to the company.
Research the company and the person you are getting interviewed by and try to find common ground.
Have an understanding of building services, and what projects NDY has done in the past, it is always good to display an interest in the company you are applying for.
The people skills are important for a consultant as we work with people and have clients from other professions than engineering. Think of real life situations that you have experienced and do some self reflection.
Some prior use with excel is useful
Be alert and speak with deliberation