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Working Hours at Norman Disney & Young

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How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
Company is flexible when it comes to hours and work arrangements but at the end of the day work needs to get done and that sometimes means putting in notable extra hours
Company is flexible however doing project work means some long weeks at times.
Hours are flexible, but as a graduate, my hours are quite long in order to learn and understand tasks in order to deliver them to an adequate standard.
Very flexible however I (and everyone else in the office) tend to spend way longer than the required hours in the office.
NDY is quite flexible with hours as long as the work you are assigned is completed. Start and end times depend very much upon getting tasks done in time for a project to be delivered with outstanding quality.
NDY is pretty flexible when it comes to work hours, however, when the work picks up it can be expected to be staying back when needed.
The company is somewhat old fashioned and wants to see you at your desk. You can work from home as long as it is overtime.
Flexible hours, but could be very long due to workload
Never really asked but I generally work overtime