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Norman Disney & Young


Office & Workplace at Norman Disney & Young

7.9 rating for Workplace, based on 10 reviews
Please comment on your company's office space, location and facilities. And while we're at it, please tell us a little about the dress code.
The office is clean and open plan allowing for great collaboration between staff and makes it easy to approach other people for assistance and ideas. The building is within walking distance of a number of gyms, restaurants and has end of trip facilities
Graduate, Brisbane
High end fit out with all the perks including table tennis table and open office. Dress code is business casual.
Graduate, Perth
Office space is adequate, and the location is accessible as I live about 50 min bus ride away. Amenities, and other services (food, printing, etc.) are excellent.
Graduate, Melbourne
Space is great, there's colab tables and quiet pods. the building has an EOTF. The dress code could be more relaxed I think - Since I will have days where I don't interact with anyone outside of the office I don't know why I have to wear business attire.
Graduate, Sydney
The office space in Melbourne is ample, the location suitable and the facilities sustainable. Dress code is between formal and smart casual.
Graduate, Melbourne
The office is located near North Sydney station and close to several bars for Friday Lunches.
Graduate, Sydney
The office space is average even though an office refurbishment has been done. They did not hire very good designers, so the carpet is hideous! However there are now more office plants which are nice. The location is good with plenty of gyms/lunch/coffee around. Dress code is very formal when seeing clients. Some people dress up more than others, however most people does not wear a tie /heels in the office.
Graduate, Sydney