Updating Results

Sam Rose

4.50 AM

I wake up abruptly to the sound of my alarm and check the winds outside. If it is still, I grab my work gear (pre-packed the night before) and my lunch out of the fridge ready for work. I strap my surfboard to the roof of my car and drive to the beach for a quick surf with a few mates before work.


6.00 AM

Viewing a good sunrise on the drive to the beach, the surf is looking good! I suit up and get out in the water to reset my mind for the day. Meditation is not just about saying “UHHMMS”, its about clearing your mind before a day of work.

7.00 AM

After about an hour of surfing, its time to get ready for work. I head back up the beach to dry myself off, get changed and start the drive to work.

7.45 AM

After arriving at work, I’ll turn my computer on and while it’s loading up, make myself some breakfast – 3 eggs with Promite toast are the standard. I will then head back to my desk and eat breakfast while I catch up on emails from the day before or talk with co-workers while we get settled in.

8.00 AM

Processing invoices is the first thing on the to-do list. I print a cost pending report and run through any claims from subcontractors + suppliers from the few jobs our team is managing. I will then assess and send for approval to make sure our trades get paid on time.

9.00 AM

I will grab my first coffee for the day and have a catch up with the Muswellbrook project team. This is normally undertaken via teams and will run for about 15 minutes while we discuss each other’s responsibilities from the day. Normally I will get a few tasks out of this which will keep me busy for the first part of the morning.

11.00 AM

Prior to lunch I will jump onto our budget management system and make sure we are not losing any money on the projects. One of our main jobs is forecasting costs for the projects and making sure this is reporting accurately for the company. I will enter any forecasted costs that came out of the meeting as well as review the budget and look for opportunities.

Budget management system


12.00 PM

Lunch time! This will normally be leftovers from the night before or a pre-made meal… nothing special. I eat lunch, do the daily quiz with work mates, chat rubbish and head back to my desk for the arvo.

12.30 PM

After lunch, I look through the Procurement Schedule to see which trades are due on site next. I see that mechanical is coming up, so I put my head down with one of my colleges and review the drawings to write up a scope of works. After a collaborative session, I have some notes and I put together a scope. I will send this to the site team and the project manager for review.

Procurement Schedule



I grab my second coffee for the day. I then get a phone call from an electrical subcontractor who I have sent a scope of works and drawings out to. We are looking to secure the subcontractor soon so I spend some time with him on the phone to discuss what he should cover, and what we are expecting them to cover. This will assist in getting accurate pricing with the aim to keep it under our original budget.

Phone call


3.30 PM

Because we are in the middle of getting the site sorted, we will require security for site. I speak with a time lapse contractor and organise them to install two cameras on our site at Muswellbrook. This will give us a cool video every month to review progress of site, as well as maintaining site security.

4.00 PM

On another of our projects we have been asked to look for cost savings in the budget. I call trades and see what alternative products we can use and make a list of cost savings for them to review and comment on. This will take a while to get final prices back from trades, but I initiate the phone calls and set up the document ready to submit back to the client.

5.30 PM

I finish up work and pack up my desk. I am heading to site at Muswellbrook tomorrow, so I make sure I have my computer with me, and items left in the foreman’s pigeon to bring them out to site. I then commence the drive home. This normally takes about 45-60 mins. During this time, I normally listen to podcasts (Hamish & Andy or the Vancast) and think about things to do when I get home.

6.30 PM

By this time, I’ll meet my partner at home, and we will discuss dinner plans. I’ll stream the latest Canucks game to the TV while we cook dinner and talk about our days.

7.30 PM

While the ice hockey is going on in the background, I will normally poke around at the new house. Whether its changing light fittings or unpacking boxes, there will always be something to do!

9.30 PM

By 9:30pm we are normally pretty knackered, so I have a shower and get ready for bed. I’ll fall asleep normally when my head hits the pillow ready for another day tomorrow!