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Career Prospects at Optus

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Please tell us about promotion possibilities and fill us in on what it takes to move up the ranks.
From what I can tell, it looks like working for 12-18 months is enough to gauge your abilities and enough for a manager to want you in their business unit. After 12-18 months applying for new roles in higher rem ranges is easy, internal applicants are favoured to external applicants.
Promotion possibilities are good at the start, but can stagnate over time. Depends on the individual and the manager/director.
Heaps of opportunities especially in the grad program to see all sorts of areas of Optus. There's ample room to move up, sidewards and diagonally.
Unsure right now as haven't needed to look into it. There is always a lot of movement in the lower levels, and I know they are focusing on encouraging lateral movements among employees to boost their range of skills. I think there are a lot of higher level positions which have been filled by the same person for a long time which may be difficult to move in to.
If you have the skills and networks, and there is a position vacant it is quite easy. I would say it also depends how expensive you are. I was able to move up faster than others because I accepted a lower remuneration initially and then was regraded based on my performance.
Previous graduates have easily moved up the ranks but most of their success is determined by their efforts and ambition to move ahead. There is a big focus on employees having career aspirations and to take opportunities that present themselves.
It is very difficult for a graduate to leave the program on any level higher than entry level, despite performing duties that meet job descriptions much higher than their current REM.
Moving up isn't just 'up' anymore. Sometimes it needs to be done by going from side to side and then moving up.
limited visibility of future opportunities post grad program Opportunities may not align with interests and career goals
Challenging but they help create pathways with you
Promotion options are available and I've seen many former grads who have moved on to full time roles. Also a lot of management are former call-centre/store staff who have worked their way up, so the company promotes internally