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Culture at Optus

8.6 rating for Culture, based on 26 reviews
Please describe your company's culture both in the office and after hours. Let us know about the structure and hierarchy, cooperation and teamwork, and socialising amongst colleagues.
In and out of office hours, the culture is the same, everyone is very supportive of each other. Coming to work is not just another day at work, its working with an extended family, that's how the teams are built.
The culture is varied by teams and departments. There can be some friction between work groups at times due to different priorities and motivations, but this is expected of relatively large organisations.
The culture at Optus is awesome. The office has multiple food and bars onsite which gives Optus Sydney campus a great social environment. Every day there is some social event happening, from ice-skate rinks, to Ping-Pong competitions, to Mexican themed days. There's heaps of technology roadshows and booths that appear periodically. You can't ever get bored here. In the office there is a culture of collaboration and sharing. I feel supported and yet a valuable part of the teams I am a part of. You also are able to meet so many people from different areas of the business because of the centralized location of the site.
Optus Campus Sydney feels just like a university campus. There are duck ponds and cafes, and events on all the time. There are two licensed bars on site and every Friday afternoon they are busy with people and live music. We have random busker-like performances in the outdoor lunch space every week as well, and cultural and festive events all year round. There's always something fun happening and you are encouraged to get up away from your desk to see these things. Everyone works really hard but knows how to relax together as well. Optus has a relatively flat hierarchy, and is rather informal. I sit with both my first and second level manager, and the VP sits among the teams as well. Everyone is very social and my teams have been great at welcoming me in and answering all of my many questions.
Very diverse culture that actively promotes a work-life balance. There is always something happening at our campus from festivals to weekly markets. It's a very flat hierarchy with excellent exposure to all levels of the business. Teamwork is part of Optus's values and is evident in the workplace culture. It's a fun place to work!
Culture is generally quite flexible. Changes from team to team. Currently, my team has great work-life balance. Responsibilities are great, but working hours are flexible and I can work from home as I need to. The team is all specialised so we sometimes work in silos, but we all get along great and we help each other out whenever we need assistance. We have regular catch-ups, team lunches and wider team off-sites.
Very positive and collaborative. A social, young culture where people are given autonomy. Graduates are given the support they need to do well. Graduates are also a tightly knit group.
There is a culture of success and people are very hardworking, yet there is a great balance, working from home is common and there is a generally relaxed, nice vibe around the place
Cooperation and teamwork high within teams, but fractured between teams and divisions. Socialising with colleagues varies between teams but has so far been very good.
Office hours are productive yet work remains fun. Colleagues are very personable inside and outside of work.
Focused, hardworking team culture. Low level of socialising during work hours, but very social outside of work hours Flat hierarchy allows for open access to senior leaders (Director level) who are very willing to engage with graduates Team gets along quite well
Flat hierarchy with the ability to make contact with exec level managers on a day-to-day basis. Great culture with everyone being happy and comfortable (i.e. friendly, dressed casually etc.) however we do still work very hard. Bars on campus so social outings with the teams are made easy.
Culture is excellent, people are great, easy to work with and many have become my friends, and the awesome campus with bars and restaurants means that socialising is great and easy