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Management at Optus

8.6 rating for Management, based on 23 reviews
How accessible are managers and do they make good mentors? You may want to address internal communication, performance feedback or praise and recognition.
I have never had a time where I couldn't not get in contact with my manager, or my manager dismissed my needs, they really do look after graduates really well. Performance feedback in little doses happens every day, formal feedback is done 6 monthly which is perfect for me.
Managers are quite busy but try to make time when I need assistance. Internal communication across different levels of management and between workgroups could be better. Performance feedback, praise and recognition needs to be more high profile, it tends to be sidelined.
Super accessible and good friends of mine. We do things outside of work as well which shows the level of relationships that can be developed with managers here. Always ready to answer questions and we have regular weekly catch-ups just to touch base.
Always had accessible and focused managers interested in my development.
Managers are really accessible. Like I've mentioned my first and second level manager sit with the team, and the VP will say hello whenever I see him. My direct leaders have been really great at setting me up in the teams and providing me with all the information I need, and also in giving me feedback when it comes time to have those conversations.
Managers are fairly good mentors. They like to sit and help their direct reports to understand anything that seems vague and are generally quite clear on their expectations and deliverables.
I have found all levels of management are accessible. I have met all levels including the CEO. As a grad there is great exposure as well as a great focus on your development from senior management.
Performance feedback is well received. Managers are extremely busy most of the time so, it's a bit hard to have 1-1 catch up regularly.
My direct line managers have been readily available to discuss any issues with projects or career direction.
Immediate managers are extremely accessible and will always provide timely performance feedback.
My managers have been very approachable and have been more than willing to have candid conversations around any concerns I may have. They've been very supportive in terms of my own personal development.
Directors/Managers are very accessible regular feedback on performance and development is provided team places an emphasis on career development
I have a couple of really good mentors who are easily approachable and great to work with.