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Salary at Optus

8 rating for Salary, based on 26 reviews
What are your thoughts on pay and bonuses at your company?
The pay is great, very competitive. Bonuses are also great, if you perform and the company as a whole performs, your bonuses are guaranteed.
Pay is not the best, but is close to industry average. Bonuses can be good subject to individual and company performance.
I didn't even know we had a bonus at the end of the year when I started working but now I know we can get 10%+ of our salary bonus depending on our performance. The pay is just right I think for the level I'm working on. Plus we get a tonne of work perks on phones and internet which have been very satisfying.
From what I understand we do receive less than a lot of other graduate programs. I don't have an issue with this, we are receiving a lot of free training being in a graduate role (project management, presentation skills, influencing) and I think this provides us with huge benefits moving forward. I haven't been in the role long enough to have seen the bonus payments.
Bonuses are based on the company's performance as well as your performance. It can be a stressful as there doesn't seem to be consistency across the board about the ratings, although they do have moderating sessions to keep it as fair as possible.
Pay is fair according to the level of experience of the employee. Sometimes though, there is a small discrepancy (when moving to a new role) between pay and expected level of work.
Pay is fair although if you are progressing very quickly HR could limit you based on arbitrary rules
The pay could be slightly higher. Bonuses are excellent and I really like that they are performance based. There is a big jump when you role of the graduate program though
The current bonus structure focuses on your performance over 12 months and I feel it is very fair. There are compulsory 6 month reviews in place but in my experience as a grad you have more frequent catch ups because the program is about your professional development rather than your remuneration.
Compared to other industries, graduate pay is on the lower to mid-range level. Bonuses linked to performance are good in theory but confusing in practice.
Performance based which is very good
Pay for graduates meets the standards of other companies. Bonuses are great when performing well.
What are your company's best or most unusual perks? For example: free tickets, free dinners, moving expenses, taxis, pension, etc.
Perks of Optus: phone plan allowance, you can always get the latest phones on plan for cheap, weekly events, cheaper tickets to events, cheaper loans, cheaper cars, and discounts on products.
Discount on company products/services.
25% off all access fees + $50 p/m rebate on your bill - this means I pay $10 a month for a Samsung Galaxy S6 for unlimited calls and text with 6GB data which is sweet. We also get discounted movie tickets and heaps of other product discounts. We also get discounts on Virgin Australia flights which is super helpful for me when I travel to Adelaide to see family.
So many! We have a 'Mates Rates' website which provides deals at over 350 retailers (Including JB, DJs, ASOS, Ticketek). We also receive $50 off our phone bill, plus an extra 20% off every account under our name.
Volunteer leave, corporate discounts, parental leave, work events on campus to further education and raise cultural awareness
$50 credit per month + 25% off each account. Mates rates on gift vouchers for top brands (JB Hifi, Apple, Woolworths, etc.)
Discounts on phone/broadband/mobile bill and mobile accessories, rewards store for exemplifying the Optus core values, and Mates Rates offers- additional discounts with third party vendors (ASOS, Ticketek, etc.).
Unlimited sick leave, volunteer leave, parental leave, carers leave, discounts on Optus products, corporate savings on heaps of brands
$50 off per month on Optus services, plus a 25% discount on every Optus product you own. Cheap movie tickets, mates rates discounts on heaps of other brands, discount virgin flights, heaps of other stuff
Discounted mobile phone services Taxi for late night work Discounts at a wide range of retailers
Own massive campus. Always have events on at campus. Own food stalls. Big Xmas parties.
Lots of on campus activities to make being at work entertaining. Have cafes and bars on campus allowing for a social existence within the workplace to be easy.
Heaps of discounts through mates rates, cheap movie tickets, 25% off all Optus products, $50 a month towards Optus products, also can get phones to use through seeding units, and cheap virgin domestic tickets plus heaps more