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Diversity at Orica

7.7 rating for Diversity, based on 12 reviews
Please provide further information on diversity with respect to women, ethnic minorities and LGBT. Please comment on issues such as recruitment, retention, promotion, child care, maternity leave, etc.
we do employee people from all walks of life and tailor a work environment according to their specific needs
Graduate, Singleton
Relatively large female representation (unusual for an engineering company)
Graduate, Newcastle
Focus on improving relationships with indigenous community, no specific preference or quota to fill certain demographics when hiring, which I strongly agree with. The best applicant gets hired.
Graduate, Melbourne
I have not seen anything within the company that suggests there are any issues in this respect.
Graduate, Melbourne
Orica appears to be working hard to maximise diversity, though I would not be in a position to comment on how they compare to other companies in the same industry
Graduate, Melbourne
What does your company do to attract applicants from less privileged backgrounds?
offers scholarships where applicable
Graduate, Melbourne
When I undertook vacation work, I worked alongside a girl of aboriginal descent who had been assisted into a role with Orica through an external agency. Again, this is not an area I have a great deal of knowledge in.
Graduate, Melbourne
Sponsor students at Uni - very progressive
Graduate, All over WA