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Salary at Orica

6.8 rating for Salary, based on 13 reviews
What are your thoughts on pay and bonuses at your company?
I entered the company at a difficult time in the market, and therefore the salary was not as high as some other graduates before me were offered (in a range of companies). While I was at Uni however I was not earning near what I am now, so going from that to anything is a big step and I'm happy with it.
The salary I earn is very generous however the bonus system needs improvement
Good bonus structure and midrange base salary.
It could be better in comparison to other mining engineering grads but it's still pretty good. If I was doing my job for the pay, I know there are other companies out there that can do better. But I love the work that I do.
Too much focus by employees on bonuses. I would be happier with a pay increase and no bonuses
Graduates don't get paid much to begin with in comparison to our peers. In some cases we have the same responsibilities or more challenges to deal with yet our salary increase was peanuts. Nearly in line with our peers. Bonus was poor. It was not reflective of the hours worked or the results achieved or $$ I saved for the company. I walked away feeling like I won't be working that hard again for the little increase in salary or bonus given...
I think it is really good. It is never going to be as high as graduate salaries in the oil & gas or mining industries. But those positions are generally paid so much better because you have to live in the middle or nowhere and work in pretty average conditions. For a company where you can stay in a city I believe the salary is quite high.
Graduate pay is fairly representative of the rest of the market. Short term incentive / bonus system feels a bit pre-determined and that individual performance is unlikely to influence the outcome
Pay is ok. Bonuses not good.
Bonuses are totally impacted on by company performance so should not be used to incentivise your performance. That should come from within anyway. As a graduate, you earn less than you would if you got a job outright, and you would be right to expect your salary to rise significantly at the end of the program. There have been mixed reports on the increase after the program, my suggestion would be that like anything in life, you have to take what you want or force someone to give it to you. A reasonable post-grad-program salary won't be just handed to you on the basis of completing the program.
Great for a Grad at Orica but not as good as Grads with mining companies get.
What are your company's best or most unusual perks? For example: free tickets, free dinners, moving expenses, taxis, pension, etc.
Company credit card to pay for anything purchased that is company related, including travel expenses. Discounted gym membership
Rent is paid for by the company. I also get a company car, phone and credit card.
If at Melbourne office, free VIP access to events by company sponsored cycling team
At remote sites, free movies/golf/gym/swimming pool community membership
Relocation expenses and a relocation allowance is covered for graduates. I consider getting to fire blasts as a perk
Credit Card- all expenses taken care of.
When travelling, all expenses are covered. When relocating all your belongings including car are packed for you and relocated to your new city. You are put up in accommodation for 2 weeks. When in your base city, perks are quite limited - primarily due to Orica not manufacturing consumer products and therefore not involving itself as sponsors in many events. There are occasional dinners and events, as a graduate expect <5 pa.
Cars - once I get off grad program I get a tool of trade. Company card for everyone Grad Conferences and Tech Services Conferences in Melbourne and Sydney. Tech Services School in Malaysia/Philippines Global opportunities