Training & Personal Development at Orica

Please describe the training programmes at your company and tell us what skills you've picked up.

There is some from time to time that is relevant. Unfortunately there is a lot of additional training going around at the moment for new centralised systems that are been put in place. Although they are important, they do take time out of your other important activities associated with your role.
Graduate, Singleton
Limited formal training programmes, generally required to pick up knowledge and information from other people. I like this though - graduates have to manually request each individual system (instead of this being set up automatically on starting).
Graduate, Newcastle
I have been very lucky and had lots of training, but again this varies greatly depending on your department/manager
Graduate, Melbourne
No training in the 1st year, however things improved in the 2nd year.
Graduate, NSW, QLD
There are annual graduate workshops that teach soft skills and also include opportunities to network with company leaders.
Graduate, Melbourne
As a graduate I have had the opportunity to do a lot of training. Some other staff would feel they do not get such opportunities
Graduate, Newcastle
Depends on the budget of your department, in one year I received significant training, in another almost none. Somewhat luck of the draw unless essential to your role.
Graduate, Melbourne
Fantastic training
Graduate, All over WA