Partners in Performance

PIP is a unique and dynamic management consulting firm that delivers big, rapid, sustainable results for clients.  Our firm was built around the simple premise that clients are looking for bottom line results, not ideas that may or may not be implemented. We deliver this by partnering with clients and by coaching them in real time, to create measurable and sustainable results.

What makes PIP different is that we make continuous improvement a way of life.  We build businesses to make them transparent and easy to manage. At PIP, diagnostics and problem solving are only part of the job. We drive harder and faster than anyone else – pace of execution is paramount. We have a toolkit of unique methodologies which we ‘hard-wire’ into the business.

From our start in 1996 to today we have grown to 400 employees globally with a presence on 5 continents.  We currently service blue chip clients across all of the major sectors, working at the C suite level right down to the shop floor.  Our clients are industry leaders and blue chip organisations based around the world.  Whilst we are best known for our work in mining and resources, PIP has expanded into new sectors including travel & tourism, airlines, chemicals, manufacturing, retail, financial services and Government.

Our “noble purpose” is to Unleash Potential – one person, one result, one organisation at a time. This is what drives us to get out of bed in the morning – it defines our firm and guides our thinking.

At PIP you will learn the traditional management consulting toolkit plus the PIP business transformation methodologies.  You will have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of formal and informal training through-out your career.  From day 1 you’ll be allocated a development leader who has the responsibility to ensure that you’re learning and progressing at PIP and who reports in twice annually on how you are tracking.  Joining PIP will see you gain all the skills you need to position yourself for a future leadership role.

To be a successful PIPer, you not only need to be an outstanding academic performer, but also dynamic, passionate and prepared to roll up your sleeves and work inside our clients’ businesses.  You need to care about people and developing them, as coaching is a big part of our success.

Areas of specialisation: 
Partners in Performance (PIP) is the preeminent management consulting firm for improving operational performance. At PIP, diagnostics and problem solving are only part of the job. We build businesses to make them transparent and easy to manage and we coach our clients to be able to manage them.