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Digby Brandenburg

It is Friday the 5th of February 2021. I am a grad here at Pitcher Partners about 11 months into my new career (I was once a High School Drama Teacher). I have two boys – the oldest is 5 and my youngers is 2.5. We are back in the office two days a week, but yesterday came the Government requirement to wear a mask indoors. Here’s are look at my day:

5.30 AM

Get up early (I am an early riser), go for a morning run – gotta attack those Covid Kilos


6.30 AM

Breakfast – the most important meal of the day

7.30 AM

Get to work, send out a morning Teams message to my fellow Group Three Grads, check emails etc.


7.45 AM

Start some Individual Tax Returns for a client. It’s handy having others with more experience close to answer all those niggling questions and help you avoid all those traps for young players.

10.00 AM

Coffee. Get a brief respite of the mask as I enjoy my drink with Ben and Sienna.


10.20 AM 

Back to work. A chat with a Director about a client I am about to work on. I appreciate the time she spends going through the intricacies, so I know how my tasks fit in to the client work.

12.30 PM 

It is the first day the whole team is in the office, so a lunch together is in order. I like that the socialising and team building is important at Pitcher Partners.

1.45 PM

Revenue testing for an Audit client – let’s face it, it is Friday arvo, you need something repetitive and not too mentally taxing to go through.

3.45 PM

Pack up my desk and wipe it down (Covid Safe requirements). I like to work a few extra hours earlier in the week so I can finish a bit earlier on a Friday.

4.30 PM

Take my boys to the park – they love to play on the swings.


5.30 PM

Feed, shower and story time for the boys – these kids love a routine.

7.00 PM

Boys in bed and now it is time to relax – the blissful time of the day.

9.30 PM

Bedtime – Next week it will be my turn to hit the town for a Friday night.