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Application Process & Interviews at Pitcher Partners

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Please describe the interview process and assessments.
1. psychometric and numeracy tests 2. Video interview 3. Group interview 4. One-to-one interview
Online form, assessment centre, partner interview
The first stage was the standard online application process followed by a video interview then a final interview with the HR manager and a manager of your selected service line.
It is a vigorous and suspenseful process as you await a response from the different stages of the application process. The application itself is very easy and straight forward, the online testing is short and intense and the video interview is an unfamiliar but fun stage as it puts you out of your comfort zone. The in person interview is the best stage though. I got walked around the firm with a senior from the team I was applying for, I enjoyed the dynamic between having the hiring manager and partner of my team both in the interview asking questions, and the feedback afterwards was very detailed.
5 step process - online application, online assessment, online video interview, group assessment centre, final interview with a partner
Interview, online test/assessment centre
There was a 5 stage process of being successful - submission of application, psychometric testing, video interview, interview, outcome.
The process was very quick. There was about a 2/3-week turn around from applying to receiving an offer.
Online testing, video interview and assessment centre that involves various group based activities
Assessments are more IQ based but interview are more towards interpersonal skills
Daunting but necessary to find the right candidate. Assessment centre, into a video interview, into a 1-on-1.
For interns, there was only one interview after the initial application - which was simple with only a few questions. no other assessments.
Graduate program process: 1. Application 2. Aptitude test 3. Video interview 4. Assessment centre 5. Individual face-to-face interview
The interview process was very comfortable and not intimidating.
Participated in the summer vacation program - online application, online testing, video interview and face-to-face interview
Pretty standard, online testing, video interview, group assessment center, individual interviews
What questions were you asked in your interviews?
Describe a time when you had to handle a lot of tasks? How would you deal with change? Describe yourself
Standard scenario based questions
Situation questions and how you responded to them at the time. A significant one I remember was "Explain a time you had to deal with conflict and what did you do to handle that situation?".
behavioural type questions, knowledge, understanding of personality - including extra curriculars, background, experience with change etc.
Past experience, about the company, why I want to work at company etc
More questions about my extracurricular activities were asked. How I was involved with the clubs a, etc
Why would you like to join the company?
Behavioural questions relative to my previous work experience, as well as questions around where I see myself fitting within the organisation
Can't remember, mostly about uni and how i have found it and follow on questions from my written application.
Scenario based questions about how I have demonstrated certain capabilities in my job.
The questions I was asked in this interview felt relevant to my skills and experience.
Personal questions (talk about your strengths/weakness, why chose this company etc); Situational questions (describe time when worked in team, conflict resolution); Others (future of accounting)
Behavioural questions and interests questions
Do you have any specific tips and advice for candidates applying to your company? How would you recommend they best prepare?
Know your own strengths and weaknesses and how they would be applied to the role you are applying for.
Find out about the company, and show that you care (discuss other values as well)
Everyone will be nervous going into the interviews so at the end of the day, do your research and just be yourself - you are more capable than you know.
Be yourself. Whilst you should prepare thoroughly for the possible interview questions and learn what you can about the firm, the most important thing is to be yourself and not put on an act. The partners are very intelligent people and will know if you are being genuine or not.
Just be yourself.
Know a lot of information about the company
Just be yourself, be human. Pitchers want to hire people who care about their work, who are willing to work hard, and who have exceptional social skills.
Firstly, be yourself. Pitcher Partners prides itself on being a place where people can bring their whole selves to work. Other than that, show that you've researched the company and know what they're doing, particularly in the stream you're applying for.
Just be yourself
Back yourself and your experience.
The interview was more about how the applicant's personality and character and how they will fit in with the firm and its culture, rather than about knowledge and/or experience. - know the firm and ask questions about the culture and type of people who work there. Show that you would fit in.
Focus on the STAR approach to answering questions. Make sure you are well prepared with specific scenarios of skills you think they will ask about. Research the firm's culture and values and demonstrate these elements in your resume and speaking opportunities.
I would recommend they look into the firm's history and what the firm values.
Research well and read up on firm website regarding firm vision and values to understand the culture and fit, as well as case studies to be aware of the type of work the firm does
Read up on firm history and prepare for behavioural questions using the STAR method.