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Sustainability at PROBUILD

6.9 rating for Sustainability, based on 16 reviews
Please comment on your company's efforts in this area.
The Probuild Construction System (PCS) focus is on lean construction, the whole focus is to minimize waste - that is physical waste, waste in time etc.
Midlevel, Melbourne
The company is very focused on reducing waste in the construction of a building which includes environmental management plans, waste management plans and also environmental sustainability initiatives to improve the long term carbon emissions of buildings we build.
Midlevel, Melbourne
We look to reduce waste where possible however my knowledge is limited on this topic.
Graduate, Perth
There has been a push for using specialized bins.
Graduate, Perth
Efforts are made to consider this during construction along with planning.
Midlevel, Perth
Probuild meet the Environmental legislative requirements.
Graduate, Melbourne
Probuild make an effort to reduce its carbon footprint through the greenstar program. Not only is this something which is being identified on a office space basis but also for the construction site itself. There are certainly areas of the industry which could be more closely monitored and improved.
Graduate, Melbourne
Tier 1 projects that we are involved in have a greenstar rating that the company needs to achieve. This is used to minimize the carbon footprint.
Graduate, Perth