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Nicolas Fischer

6.30 AM

I’ve been snug in bed for the past half hour, having hit the snooze about 6 times now. Time to roll out and hit the gym, a great way for me to get some extra energy and focus for the day ahead!


7.30 AM

Back at home now for breakfast (today it’s a tasty fruit smoothie, avocado toast & green tea), followed by getting ready and then I jump in my car for the quick 20-minute commute into work.  

8.30 AM

Now that I’ve arrived, it’s time to fire up the laptop, check my Inbox, look ahead of the meetings today and write my MIT list (Most-Important Tasks Lists). It’s a great, quiet time to gather my thoughts and plan ahead.  

9.00 AM

I head across the office floor, to find my mates before we head out to grab a quick coffee! Working just across from Macquarie Westfield Centre offers plenty of choices for coffee, lunch and shopping during and after work. Before we head back, we quickly check a nearby Priceline and Woolworths store to check if our new brands NPD have arrived in stores yet (they have, yay!).    


9.30 AM

Time for the first meeting of the day. Its our category team connect, a weekly multi-functional meeting with finance, supply chain, R&D, brand management and sales. Working in marketing, you get a great opportunity from Day 1 to work with all areas of the business – allowing you to learn how a multinational operates. Today I am aligning my team on a few exciting new media plan investments we will be making, as well as providing them an update on the last month’s brand performance in our key retailers – excitingly we grew market share & sales!

10.30 AM

Wow its already 10.30, I’ve got back to back meetings so it’s a quick dash to meet my manager and call our media and public relations agency. We are currently in our annual planning period, so whilst it can be busier than usual, it’s a great time to look ahead and decide on how we want to shape our brands for the upcoming year.  Today we’ll be sharing our media & communications brief outlining the audience, media type and investment choices we would like them to plan for. It’s a constructive meeting and I’m keen to reconnect in two weeks to see the plans they will come back with.


11.30 AM

Its back to my desk now to respond to a few more emails and review some new branded Facebook posts for next month’s go live.  

12.30 PM

Lunch time. Today it’s one of my team members birthday, so we decide to celebrate at a nearby café, yum! I really enjoy the social interactions at work, P&G also organises many corporate events which are always well attended.  


1.30 PM

Back in the office it’s time to jump on a call with P&G Singapore, our regional headquarter team. Today we are connecting with them to workshop our new TV copy and consumer claims. Being in marketing is a great role if you enjoy both the creative but also enjoy the commercial corporate side.      

2.30 PM

After finishing that meeting, I’ve got some free time to continue working my PowerPoint presentation that due this week. As I work on Vicks, a seasonal brand – the topic is sharing my Winter Plans to our senior leadership team.

4.30 PM

Time for my last meeting for the day, its with my manager to connect on our Winter Plans. He’s happy with the progress we’ve made, then we discuss opportunity areas for strengthening the PowerPoint and align on our next steps for closing it.

5.30 PM

All done for the workday, time to drive home.  

6.30 PM

Being a Tuesday, its naturally Taco Tuesday! It’s a fun weekly catch up some of my university friends have – today its being hosted nearby at a close friend’s house.

9.30 PM

After a quality catch-up its time to head home, relax briefly before going to sleep. That’s a wrap for today, bring on tomorrow!