Office & Workplace at Procter & Gamble

Please comment on your company's office space, location and facilities. And while we're at it, please tell us a little about the dress code.

It isn't located with nice views, but generally it is quite vibrant, with product samples and posters lying around. Dress code is smart casual.
Midlevel, Sydney
Office interior is great, regular upgrades keep everything modern and up to date. Office location is undesirable, 30mins from Sydney CBD on a university campus. Dress code is mostly business casual.
Midlevel, Sydney
We are efficient. We work closely to reduce office waste and apply best practices. Dress code is smart casual.
Graduate, Melbourne
Business Casual dress code day-to-day, slightly more formal when seeing customers. Office space is quite small in Melbourne, facilities are better in the Sydney office.
Graduate, Melbourne
Great office, particularly the hot-desking and kitchen. Kitchen has plenty of cereals, fresh milk, bread, spreads and fruit for breakfast. There's also blenders to make smoothies (with all ingredients readily available). Not a fan of the location - I'd prefer to be in the city because public transport becomes easier (more frequent buses) and Friday nights in the city are better. However, I occasionally drive to work and the company pays for parking. Dress code - smart casual. Casual Fridays every Friday.
Graduate, Sydney
Not a massive office but comfortable. Business casual. Suit jackets to client meetings but shirt and trousers while at work. No ties
Midlevel, Melbourne