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Career Prospects at PwC

6.8 rating for Career Prospects, based on 137 reviews
Please tell us about promotion possibilities and fill us in on what it takes to move up the ranks.
2 years as graduate then not sure after that.
Fairly standard throughout the cohort, dependent on performance and no current hierarchy - which is good.
promotions can be obtained after relevant experience and skills are acquired
If you perform well, you get promoted.
Difficult to say. Based on experience, opportunity for advancement is available for 2/5 people.
Promotions happen quite frequently, and as long as you have the right balance of expertise and social skills, they seem to be happy to do so. There seems like there's a preference for lateral hires though to fill a fair few positions rather than heavily fostering talent for promotion.
Performance is key
Depends on the person and how much effort they put in
Promotion at junior level is fairly prescribed and not much room to outperform and progress faster.
Essentially to get a promotion you need to be fulfilling the roles of that level above
Promotion opportunities are well structured and staff appear to be well supported when applying for promotions
Promotion possibilities appear typically accessible and a natural progression path exists.
The company sets out expectations, so you know what skills you need to have to gain a promotion.
Unaware of promotion possibilities.
You just need to perform and fit well in the team. Promotions appear to come quick and fast.
Very easy if you work for it, there are many opportunities.
Promotions typically occur once a year and promotion candidates must adhere to being at the 'next' level stage of the company Professional framework. The framework items include: technical capability, business acumen, global acumen, whole leadership and relationships.
In order to be eligible for promotion one must first create a business case for why they believe they deserve it, this include samples of work done, other firm activities, and feedback from managers, etc.
Promotion based on business case that must be provided and argued - this is generally limited by tenure but not necessarily guaranteed by tenure.
While it is challenging to be promoted (this is due to the high calibre of staff in PwC), it is completely achievable with a strong work ethic and good relationships.