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Culture at PwC

8.4 rating for Culture, based on 141 reviews
Please describe your company's culture both in the office and after hours. Let us know about the structure and hierarchy, cooperation and teamwork, and socialising amongst colleagues.
Awesome people to work with, hot desking, abundance of social activities
Caters to mainstream preferences
Team culture is great. Everyone is friendly and helpful.
Little to none hierarchical barriers, work closely with seniors on day-to-day, career progression is independent of who is 'above' you - reflective of own development, social culture is super.
The culture fluctuates depending on the stress levels and the success of the projects. Most of the time very helpful and supportive. Partners and Directors care about you and take an interest even though you are just a grad
Young, energetic and enthusiastic
We have a lot of events. We have an average of 1 event per week in the office, at a bar or at a restaurant. Conversations with anyone are a breeze, cultural acceptance and diversity are welcomed. We even have a Gay', Lesbian and Everybody Else (GLEE) group that promotes gender diversity. Hierarchy doesn't really exist here except in a work flow situation.
Genuinely positive culture, although long hours working alone are frequent. Pyramid hierarchy, but relatively good contact across different seniority levels. Large firm and activity-based workspaces (i.e. hot desking) means you could effectively avoid people you dislike, but to be perfectly honest you won't find anyone you dislike.
The culture is overall relatively good. Most people are fantastic and very lovely. There is also a commitment to breaking down hierarchy and often people at the senior level will take some time to make sure you're getting along well. I have encountered a few people who reject this notion and will only devote their time to developing relationships with people they feel can advance them, but I feel this is to be expected at every organisation.
extremely social, inclusive and diverse. Very flat organisation where you can talk to anyone disregarding seniority
Social and fun
Technology Consulting here is very mature so the team is quite small. Culture is quite good but unsure if this will be the same as we expand or grow.
Dependant on specific team. Level of cooperation, flatness of hierarchy heavily depends on service line
The people are friendly, with the firm being welcome and warm to new starters
Flexible working allows hours to be spent where best suits the individual.
Teams I have worked on have all been inclusive and helping me develop professionally. All have been very supportive and approachable throughout my first few months at the firm.
Very structured team with business unit leaders, managers and consultants. Team is very friendly, inclusive and works together well. Team socialises quite often outside of work including with drinks and lunches and weekend events organised through an office wide social club.
PwC is focused and trying to make the culture diverse and inclusive, which they generally achieve. We work as a team, and there is good level of cooperation across all teams.
Graduate culture could be stronger, I feel as if there is a disconnect between all graduates.
Very flat hierarchy, supportive and genuine, yet hard-working. After-hours the team is young and fun.