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Salary at PwC

5.3 rating for Salary, based on 138 reviews
What are your thoughts on pay and bonuses at your company?
Too early to tell.
average to below average
Fair and performance based.
Pay is a little low but is compensated for in training opportunities
There are no bonuses for a grad. The pay is pretty low for a Big 4. Comparatively to other boutique firms , PwC pays pretty low.
Low pay compared to top-tier. No bonuses received in first year, so cannot comment.
The salary is not at all competitive.
They're fine for now - we get so many benefits so this outweighs the con of the salary being slightly lower than other firms
Pay in consulting is known to be much less than industry. From the offers I received, the difference can be $20k
Pay is not great and incentives to perform are not the strongest
Pay at PwC is very low! Impossible for them to attract top talent while paying so little.
The company lacks clarity about the pay process. With the company paying me a day, what they charge for me per hour.
not the greatest pay at a junior level, if you stick around then it becomes better
A graduate salary did not play apart in my decision to apply as a graduate
Remuneration increases as you progress however starts off unsatisfactorily as a graduate. Bonuses are becoming commonplace but no real emphasis on them at the firm.
Fairly standard for a graduate position
Average at my level
In comparison to industry, we are underpaid.
The pay is low, but we're not there because the salary is competitive.
What are your company's best or most unusual perks? For example: free tickets, free dinners, moving expenses, taxis, pension, etc.
smartphone perks. industry membership reimbursements
Ping pong table, good views, social club events
new offices
Birthday leave
Subsidized/discounted mobile plans, gym, health insurance, etc. Social budget is generous.
Dinners and taxis when you work late at the office. Health week with diabetes checks.
Free Dinners, Plenty of Random Celebrations, Plenty of Random Events, Birthday Leave, Flexible Working Hours,
Free barista coffee.
free tickets, free dinners, moving expenses, taxis, pension
Corporate phone plans
Travel for work and quarterly social events to bring the tech consulting team together
Free lunches, free meals, ping pong table, free coffee every day
team lunches and all the drinks put on
Team lunches, wellness benefits/incentives (ie. gym memberships subsidised)
Pays for my education : CA. Pays for my attendance to various events that I represent the firm at. Has a benefit available for out of work fitness activities.
Pay $295 towards my gym membership.
Dinners and taxis are great, health & fitness allowance, Playstation & table tennis...but the best is the free barista-made coffee!
Gym memberships!
Benefits such as birthday leave
Free events, free food