Bronte Courtney - Qantas

Bronte Courtney

University of New South Wales
Base Operations
Bronte studied Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) at University of New South Wales

Why did you choose the Qantas Graduate Program?

Above all, it was my passion for travel and the aviation industry that motivated me to pursue the Qantas Graduate Program. I was really excited by the opportunity to work in a dynamic and energetic industry, and I knew the Qantas brand was something I'd be proud to be a part of.

The Graduate Program provides a unique opportunity to explore different career paths, and as someone who wasn't sure of exactly what they wanted to do when they finished university, this really appealed to me.

What’s the coolest part of being a Qantas Graduate?

I love being part of my Graduate cohort. Not only have I been able to share my ideas and experiences with others, but I've also created life-long friendships.

You're also given real responsibility from Day 1 and exposed to exciting, high-profile projects as a grad. In my first rotation I helped to organise a three-day offsite development program for our executive leaders, and in my second rotation I worked on the launch of 'Qantas Business Rewards' - our new loyalty program for Small to Medium businesses.

What was your biggest misconception about working for an airline?

There is so much more to an airline than just planes. The Qantas Group encompasses almost every profession, from Sales experts, to doctors, engineers, lawyers, data analysts, HR professionals, IT specialists and more.  The diversity of people, backgrounds, experiences and expertise at Qantas makes it a truly remarkable company to work for.

How has being part of the Graduate Program supported your career path through Qantas?

Working in different areas of the business has allowed me to build a well-rounded skillset and a holistic understanding of the Qantas Group, both of which will prepare me to transition into a permanent role at the end of the program.

Exposure to different teams, as well as being supported by a Graduate buddy and mentor, has also helped me to build a strong professional network.

What tips do you have for those applying for the Qantas Graduate Program?

Be confident but humble. Demonstrate a positive attitude and a learning mindset. Be yourself and showcase what you will bring to the program!