Updating Results

Zoe Gomez

6.45 AM

My alarm goes off and I decide to ignore it in favour of pressing snooze and sleeping in for a few more minutes - full-time work is an adjustment! My third alarm convinces me to finally get up and get ready. I sip a coffee and try to find an outfit for the day. 

7.30 AM

I grab all my stuff and I’m out the door. I’m lucky enough to live close to RAA Head Office in Mile End so I’ve been walking to work. Today, I stroll along listening to a UX podcast called “Awkward Silences” and pick an episode about communicating your UX research insights, which is something I’ll be working on later.

8.00 AM

Our secluded area of the office, or otherwise known as the ‘Digital Dungeon’, is fairly empty this early. I settle into my desk and look through my Outlook calendar for the day. I make a list in my notebook of all the different things I need to work on and any deadlines I need to meet. I also, obviously, brew another coffee. A few more people arrive in the office and we chat about our weekends and our tasks for the day.

at the office


9.00 AM

My role as the digital intern has had me moving across a few different areas in the cross-functional digital team, and this week, I’m part of the UX team. I pull up a chair (ironically) for our stand-up meeting. We go around and discuss what we’ve been working on since our last meeting and what we’ll be working on that day. 

10.00 AM

Another meeting! This time about the work the UX team is doing with RAA Travel. It’s interesting sitting in on different meetings to learn about what’s happening on projects across the business. We jump into a meeting room and dial in online to hear a few presentations from those involved in the project about all the work they’ve done. I’m excited to see how it progresses. 

11.00 AM

I’m back at my desk and can get some stuff done now. I’m working together with one of our UX leads to document the testing of some of our insurance quote journeys. I grab my headphones, line up a playlist, and get to work. I’m watching the session replays of users all over Australia test our product and it’s my job to be the voice of the user and communicate their feedback to the rest of the team.

12.00 PM

Arguably the best time of the day - lunch. I meet up with the other summer interns down at the cafe and we buy ourselves giant plates of nachos and stuff our faces while catching up for the day. We chat about the work that we’re each doing, our intern group project, and any gossip from the weekend. 

12.30 PM

Time for coffee number three before getting back to work!

2.00 PM

The Digital team works in six-week cycles where we all come together every two weeks to give a “show and tell” of all the work we’ve done so far, and it’s my turn to present to the team and explain all about the user testing I’ve been working on with the UX lead. It’s a little intimidating, presenting to a large group of people (including our Senior Managers), but it’s a great opportunity to learn and prepare for my career. Thankfully, I think it went okay. 

3.00 PM

It’s my last meeting for the day and I’m catching up with the interns to work on our group project about sustainability at RAA. We’re working really hard in these last weeks of the internship to make sure we’re prepared, so we run through what we’ve each written for our report and do a practice run of our presentation so far. We know there might be some General Managers watching our presentation so we want to do the best that we can. We take any notes on what we need to work on for the next few days before we have another session. Everyone has found some really interesting information from all different areas around the business and has come up with such good ideas to pitch in our report and presentation. It’s really rewarding to see all this great work finally coming together.




4.30 PM

Time to head home! I pack up my stuff, say goodbye, and start my walk home. Time to turn off my brain and listen to some music. 

5.00 PM

I put my stuff away, change into comfy clothes, and then do whatever I want! It’s amazing not having any ‘homework’ to do when I get home from work. It’s summer so the sun is still up for a few more hours, so my partner and I go for a quick hike at Morialta Falls.

8.00 PM

I’m really tired now after the long day and the hike, so we pick up a quick takeaway curry, making sure to get a big serve so that I have leftovers to bring in to work tomorrow. 

10.00 PM

It’s time to wind down and get to sleep. Since starting this internship, I’ve had to get better at going to bed on time, as we start fairly early. 

Bring on tomorrow!