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Alix Leighton

6.30 AM

My alarm goes off! Time to get out of bed, jump into my gym clothes and make sure I’ve packed my bag with everything I’ll need for the day.

7.00 AM

My morning routine usually starts off with a Pilates class to make sure I’m awake and ready for the day! Afterwards I get ready for work and grab a quick breakfast/coffee to have on the train into the city.

8.45 AM

After a quick walk from the station, I make my way to our office at World Square and up to the 46th floor. I head to the desk I’ve booked overlooking the city and settle in for the day. I start by going through my emails and checking my calendar for the day ahead.


9.30 AM

I have a one-on-one meeting with my manager to go through my tasks for the week ahead. We discuss all of the projects I am currently working on, upcoming deadlines as well as prioritising tasks to ensure I am staying on top of all my work! 

10.30 AM

After going through our sales, my team and I have an online meeting with our creative agency who are helping us create a new Finish TV commercial that will feature next year. Today they are taking us through the proposals put forward by a number of directors who would like to work on the project. Each pitch shows how the director would treat the script and the imagery they would use to bring it to life! We review each option and pick the director who we would like to proceed with on the commercial. Last year I was lucky enough to have been invited to the shoot in Goulburn which was an amazing experience! I can’t wait until I get to go on my next shoot.



12.00 PM

After my meeting, a group of us from the office decide to head down to a K-BBQ restaurant for lunch. With our office located in World Square, we’re close to so many good food options for lunch so it can be hard to choose sometimes! Either way, we like to spend lunch together and enjoy the break away from our desks.



1.00 PM

After a big lunch I head back to my desk to analyse the sales data which has come in from the last month for Finish and its competitors. This data is really critical to understanding whether any promotions and/or marketing activations we ran had impacts on the sales coming through our retailers. Numbers aren’t a strength of mine but I’ve found this part of the job really interesting and motivating because we get to see the impacts of all our hard work.

3.30 PM

Time to grab a coffee to curb the afternoon slump! Having a coffee machine in the office is super handy and a good time to catch up with colleagues who are also working in the office that day!



4.00 PM

After a quick coffee and catch-up with some other grads, I head into a meeting room to start our fortnightly Project Work-In-Progress meeting! I run this meeting with our cross-functional team in order to make sure we are on track to complete all of our projects by the deadlines. I love that we get so much exposure to other functions in Marketing – we are often working with our supply, research and development, regulatory and legal teams whose expertise is so critical to making sure we can complete the projects for our brands. 

5.00 PM

Time to get ready to close out the day! I try to make a list of items that I haven’t completed during the day, which I will need to prioritise tomorrow. I sort through my emails to make sure I’m on top of all the requests that have come in that day and send off anything outstanding. Once I’ve packed up, I get changed so I’m ready to head to my next activity for the day.



6.00 PM

I head over to Moore Park with a few others from work as we get ready to play in the Reckitt Netball team! We play every week in a social comp which is a really great way to meet others from the office and make connections you otherwise wouldn’t. Although I have no skill in the sport, we have so much fun playing and it’s a great way to get out some energy after being at a desk all day!  

7.30 PM

Upon arriving back home, I jump into a shower before sitting down with my family for dinner. Once we’re finished, I curl up on the couch and binge-watch some Netflix to wind down.

10.30 PM

That’s a wrap for today, time to head to bed!